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Amazon's cross-border e-commerce is highly profitable, and it is your best choice for expanding foreign trade sales channels.

In 2020, a year in which crisis and opportunity coexist! Traditional foreign trade companies urgently need to open up new channels of foreign trade sales as a powerful supplement to traditional trade. We have partnered with third-party foreign trade service providers to launch Jungle Scout Amazon product profit research and product selection tools for foreign trade diamond users. Regardless of whether you have opened an Amazon store, you need to know the sales and profits of your main products on the world's largest cross-border e-commerce platform (Amazon)!

Purchase JS and investigate product profit or selection
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Selling on Amazon is still a huge opportunity

Amazon's 19-year GVM is as high as more than $4408 billion! And Amazon is also adding new active users at a rate of 20% every year, with a huge market equivalent.

The largest volume
1 The largest volume
Amazon's 19-year GM is as high as more than $4408 billion! And Amazon is also adding new active users at a rate of 20% every year, with a huge market equivalent.
High quality users
2 High quality users
The Amazon platform has about 100 million members worldwide. To become an Amazon member, you need to pay an annual fee of $99. They have both consumer demand and spending power.
Platform regulations
3 Platform regulations
ith equal, fair and standardized management, Amazon platform treats all sellers equally. No matter old or new sellers, as long as sellers are diligent enough to select popular.
Super profits on the platform

Take a look at the profits of Friends' flagship product on Amazon

There are fewer sellers, more buyers and less competition on Amazon platform. Domestic sellers sell products on Amazon platform, which has a huge profit margin. Amazon platform has a large consumer group and a high unit price of consumers, which is impossible for other e-commerce platforms to achieve.

Activated carbon
Ceramic tiles
Through the JS plug-in search, we can see that the monthly sales of Skateboard Bearings under the category of bearing have been on an upward trend since April. While sales have soared, it can be found that the profit margin of products such as skateboard bearings, wheel hub assemblies and disassembly tools is between 50% and 60%.
Through the search for products such as garlic, we can see that with the increase in sales of fresh garlic and garlic bulbs, it also drives the sales of various garlic press machines.In addition, the profit of garlic formula nutrients that help digestion and cleansing and improve immunity is as high as 75%.
We see the Granite category, which includes facial sprays, cleaners and polishes for granite kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles, as well as granite non-stick pans and other products, where daily sales are growing rapidly and consumers are paying more attention to daily cleaning and protection.
activated carbon
When searched for the keyword activated carbon with a plug-in, we found that the opportunity score of the product is 4 points, which belongs to high-demand and highly competitive products. Starting from October last year, air purifying bags, activated carbon filters and other products Sales have skyrocketed.
ceramic tiles
Searching for ceramic tiles found that due to the long-term home office relationship, home decoration and handicrafts have shown new sales peaks. Among them, handmade tiles, craft coasters, drill kits and other products are often recommended for collocation.
* We selected some main products of State Friends for investigation. The above data were collected in real-time by Jungle Scout plugin
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Get the sales volume and profit of amazon's competing products through JS in real time, and the selection of big-data research products is a sure winner!

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