Address:No.1-2, Shing Nung Road, Tungkang, Pingtung, Taiwan.
Date:2010/10/05 to 2011/10/05
    B/Ls Quantity 85
    Peer Company 100772

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Recommended US peers that importing and exporting similar products like Ching Fa Fishing Implements Factory Co Ltd doing, particular HS Code was showed in their B/Ls and Ching Fa Fishing Implements Factory Co Ltd's B/Ls, there pushed 100772 companies. The peers of trading partners are your potential target customers who would be found by sorting by trading transactions and date.

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Trade Date Origin Product Description B/Ls
2011/10/05 其它铜制品 >
2011/10/05 其它用聚氯乙烯浸渍、涂布、被覆或黏合之其它纺织材料织物,但第5902节所列者除外 >
2011/10/05 钢铁制活节环链零件 >
2011/10/05 其它铅制品 >
2011/10/05 钳(包括剪钳)、手钳、镊子及类似工具 >
2011/10/05 棉制其它男用或男童用衣服 >
2011/10/05 聚醯胺6(尼龙6) >
2011/10/05 其它刀片 >
2011/10/05 其它锁,卑金属制 >
2011/10/05 其它第8485节所属之机械零件 >
2011/10/05 第8462或8463节工具机之零件及附件 >
2011/10/05 钓鱼钩,不论是否附有连接线者 >
2011/10/05 其他合成纤维制之其他多股(合股)或粗股丝纱,非供零售用者 >
2011/10/05 捻线、绳、索及缆,不论是否经编辫或经橡胶或塑胶浸渍、涂布、被覆或套覆,其他合成纤维制 >
2011/10/05 其他钢铁制链 >

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