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Date:2016-05-30 to 2017-05-30
    B/Ls Quantity 411
    Trading Partner 19
    Peer Company 14

Trading Partner

Through Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd's Bill of Lading at 2016-05-30 to 2017-05-30, collecting trading partners of the company, it totals 19. The business value of trading partners is to lead you to direct competitors and potential target customers. Sorting function by trading transactions and date that offered will be easy to get regular customers and new partners of Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, which benefits your maintenance of the company or customer development. Click 'Trading Partner', you can consult the details between Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd & Trading Partner (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Trade Date).

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Trading Partner Nation Transaction Proportion Detail
Century Pvt Ltd India 2
Gulshan Pvt Ltd India 2
Harika Drugs Pvt Ltd India 2
Polydrug Laboratories Pvt Ltd India 2
Shandong Liaocheng Luxi Sixth Chemical Fertilizer Peru 2

Port Statistics

Through Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd's Bill of Lading at 2016-05-30 to 2017-05-30, estimating 6 ports of entry based on their names. Statistics of ports of entry determines global market-share of the company. Click Ports of Entry, you can consult all cargo information of Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd at ports (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Quantity, Trade Date).

Port Name Transaction Proportion Detail

Peer Company

Recommended US peers that importing and exporting similar products like Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd doing, particular HS Code was showed in their B/Ls and Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd's B/Ls, there pushed 14 companies. The peers of trading partners are your potential target customers who would be found by sorting by trading transactions and date.

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B/Ls List

With a selection of 411 transactions of Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, filtering B/L according to HS Code, Origin, Product Description, Trade Date. Click 'B/L', consult each B/L details (incluing Buyer, Supplier, HS Code, Details, Weight, Total Price, Unit Price, Trade Date).

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Trade Date Origin Product Description B/Ls
2016/11/16 India Erythromycin Estolate Bp 88 >
2016/11/15 India Orphenadrine Citrate Bp (group-c/sl No:1 204 >
2016/11/04 India Drugs: Piperaquine Phosphate >
2016/10/31 India Mebeverine Hcl Bp >
2016/10/17 India Pharmaceutical Allopathic Raw Material O F Pharmaceutical Grade Itopride Hcl .... . A... >
2016/10/15 India Bulk Drug:-(pharmaceutical Raw Materialof Pharmaceutical Use) Croscarmellose Sodium B... >
2016/10/12 India Bulk Drug:(pharmaceutical Raw Material Of Pharmaceutical Use) Dried Ferrous Sulphate ... >
2016/09/26 India Sorbitol 70 Pct Solution Bp / Ip ( Non-c Rystallizing Grade >
2016/09/20 India Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Bp/usp >
2016/09/17 India Erythromycin Estolate Bp88 >
2016/08/20 India Sorbitol 70 Pct Solution Bp/ip (non-crys >
2016/08/11 India Orphenadrine Citrate Bp (group:c,srl No >
2016/07/16 Peru Artemether >
2016/07/10 Peru Pharma >
2016/06/15 Peru Pharma >

Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is pakistan Buyer. The market analysis report provides Market Trends Analysis chart, Trading Partners, Peers & Transaction Details, Port Statistics & trade in goods, B/L at 2016-05-30 to 2017-05-30, Official Contacts Refenence (including Contact, TEL, Email, Fax, URL). Follow Jawa Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and export contacts of the company & B/L at Data Management Center, while new transactions, you'll get new messages.