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Address:621, Khush Villa, Khareghat Road, Dadar,bombay 400 014. India.
Date:2016-05-27 to 2017-05-27
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Trade Date Origin Product Description B/Ls
2016/05/25 Italy Valve.221/1-12. Two-way High Pressure Ball Valve >
2016/05/25 Italy In Line Piston Check Valve. 1/2. 257/6-12 >
2016/05/25 Italy Valve Parts.1201-12. Copper Paste 1/2 >
2016/05/25 Italy Valve Parts.1201-14. Copper Paste 1/4 >
2016/05/25 Italy Valve.221/1-100. Two-way High Pressure Ball Valve >
2016/05/25 Italy In Line Single Pilot Check Valve. 257/7-34 >
2016/05/25 Italy Valve.221/1-38-npt. Two-way High Pressure Ball Valve >
2016/01/04 Italy H.p.cleaner Pump. Idaf89838 >
2016/01/04 Italy Burner Nozzle. Ugbr31344 (pump Spare) >
2016/01/04 Italy Electrode Fut.meca12525 (pump Spare) >
2016/01/04 Italy Turning Wheel.ktrt12872 (pump Spare) >
2016/01/04 Italy Connection G. 3/4, Rcds09316 (pump Spare) >
2016/01/04 Italy L.p.hose . (rubber) Tbbp28994 >
2016/01/04 Italy Hose Fitting Ott.rcds08965 >
2016/01/04 Italy Fuel Pump Dnf Bfa Pil3r2. Ppgs40005 >

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