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Related 8 Results

  • Rating

    Juan Carlos Philco Acha

    Bolivia|44 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2014/06/11
    Related Transactions 74.-bolsas piedras decorativas pyrography
  • Rating

    Dhahran Gift Center

    Pakistan|144 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2016/11/21
    Related Transactions lady bag, garments decoration fashion accessories: pyrography paper (cy/cy) (fcl)
  • Rating

    Supra Enterprises

    Canada|234 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2017/08/02
    Related Transactions clutch motor full automatic air-powered pyrography machine sewing machine parts
  • Rating

    N S Trader

    Pakistan|911 Freight Transport in Total

    Buy Agriculture & By-product Agents,Bicycle Parts,General Mechanical Components, so on
    Trade data has been updated to 2017/11/04
    Related Transactions garments fashion accessories decoration pellets garments fashion accessories strass garments fashion accessoires pyrography paper (fcl/fcl) (fcl)
  • Rating

    A J Enterpriser

    Pakistan|1807 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2017/11/08
    Related Transactions garments accessories, decoration pellets garments accessories, hot-fix motifs garments accessories pyrography paper gardment accessories (fcl/fcl) (fcl)
  • Rating

    Woodland Intern Transport

    United States|3706 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2016/01/26
    Related Transactions 6 box on 1 pallet slac perfumery products haz class 3, unno 1266 pg ii, f/p 13 deg c 32 box on 2 pallets slac perfumery products, non haz 214 case water clarifiers for aquariums (loose cartons) 376 pkg on 1 pallet slac hydraulic accessories 4 drum x 200ltr drums slac adhesives haz class 3, unno 1133 pg iii, f/p 18 deg c 5 crt ball bearing slewing rings 3 box solenoids 34 pce filters 206 ctn cartons on 4 pallets slac printed books titled digital wildlife photography 2008 2522cps designs for pyrography and other crafts 21ocps making 1/12 scale wicker furniture 168 cps carving the human figure- studies wood stone 96cps couture knits by jean moss 500cps woodcarving 216cps cross stitch designs from india 22ocps the authentic tudor stuart dolls house 2640ps celtic knotwork hb528cpe; victorian dolls 416cp5 miniature embroldery a foundation course 252cps 3 box scientific equipment non haz
  • Rating

    Publiship Logistics Inc.

    United States|2447 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2017/08/21
    Related Transactions scac code:pshp hb/l hk63843nyc 332 ctns printed books hs code:49019900 ( 9 plts ) the shipment containing wood packaging materials have treated and marked in compliance with ispm 15 (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63844nyc 601 ctns printed books -97 ctns (3 plts) title: complete pyrography pb -392 ctns (9 plts) title: knit a bear - pb -112 ctns (3 plts) title: animal hats of knit pb ttl: 15 plts green pallet - contains no wood packing materials (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63845nyc 30 ctns printed books hs code: 4901 9900 title: making heirloom boxes (making heirloom boxes - 9781861081766) pono: pub0035724 ( 1 plt ) shipment contains no regulated wood packaging materials (plywood pallet) (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63846nyc 33 ctns printed books h.s code:490199 (1 plt) this shipment contains heat treated wooden pallets which are complied the standard of ispm15 (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63886nyc 172 ctns printed books hs code:4901 9900 title: ny13965 book bound silver foil journal: universe 5281 reprint (large sticker - universe 5281) pono: 062314-5281/83409 title: ny13965 book bound silver foil journal: universe 5281 reprint (the universe 5281) pono: 062314-5281/83409 (5 plts) shipment contains regulated wood packaging materials with ipp logo marked (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63887nyc 220 ctns printed books h.s code:4901.9900 93 (7 plts) green pallet hb/l hkg175822nyc 100 ctns watch box hs code: 442090 this shipment contains no solid wood packing material (under shipper's liability responsibility) hb/l hk63957nyc 125 ctns printed books hs code:4901 99 0000 title: the potter's book of glaze receipes isbn: 978-0-8122-3771-9 (uk edn) (2 plts) swooden pallet (ippc logo) (under shipper's liability responsibility) s/c:14-5204
  • Rating

    Panda Logistics Usa Inc.

    United States|15775 Freight Transport in Total

    Trade data has been updated to 2017/10/18
    Related Transactions shipper's load, count and seal. 1x40'hrd 759 packages of consolidated goods - details as per attached list - freight prepaid - attached list - 130 cartons 2860.0000 kgs 7.6700 m3 3380 pieces of rubberwood bun leg invoice no: 2313/09 scac: glca hbl no: pkgatl901947 105 cartons 1034.2500 kgs 1.0550 m3 12ct chunk-o crayons in p/box h.s. code: 9609 90 200 scac: glca hbl no: pkgbos901446 25 cartons 520.0000 kgs 1.2000 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) printed matters printed book entitled introduction to pyrography isbn number:978-1-903975-37-4 (1000 cps) scac: glca hbl no: pkgchi901941 25 cartons 318.0000 kgs 3.1430 m3 (packed in 2 pallets)(3,000 pcs) speakers model name: tw2137b14 c-0906-001 (1920 pcs) c-0905-002 (1080 pcs) h.s.code:8518.29 000 scac: glca hbl no: pkgdet901800 134 cartons 2214.7500 kgs 10.1640 m3 food stuff 30 ctns of wheatgrass powder (66 sachets/box 25 ctns of wheatgrass honey (15 sachets/box) 10 ctns of ins fiber 50 ctns of bio coffee (16 sachets/box) 15 ctns of bio soy milk (16 sachets/pouches) 4 ctns of sky wheat wheatgrass plus (200 tables) scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902016 15 boxes 195.0000 kgs 1.4100 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) 10 boxes of standard black roloc disc, 5 boxes of standard black fixed spindle wheel and 10 boxes of standard black cup whe scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902035 15 boxes 160.0000 kgs 1.1700 m3 (packed in 1 pallet) standard black cup wheel scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902036 12 ctns 266.0000 kgs 2.3520 m3 4 sets of sofa set scac: glca hbl no: pkglax902195 100 cartons 810.0000 kgs 3.0000 m3 pneumatic rubber pad airtech ii flex pad scac: glca hbl no: pkgmin902625 198 carton(s) 2480.3000 kgs 14.2500 m3 3568 pcs of girls 68% cotton 32% nylon knitted pullover (56 ctns) style no.:9008/703 6548 pcs of girls 80% cotton 18% nylon 2% spandex knitted cardigan (142 ctns) style no.:9008/704 h.s.code:6110.20.000 scac: glca hbl no: pkgnyc902134 -
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