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Address 106,japan plaza,1st floor,preedy street,opp.tibet centre,m.a.jinnah road,karachi(post box no.8887 saddar,karachi 74400)
Company's trade data has been updated to 2017-09-13
    B/Ls Quantity 1093
    Trading Partner 176

Trading Partner

Through lucky's Bill of Lading, collecting trading partners of the company. The business value of trading partners is to lead you to direct competitors and potential target customers. Sorting function by trading transactions and date that offered will be easy to get regular customers and new partners of lucky, which benefits your maintenance of the company or customer development. Click 'Trading Partner', you can consult the details between lucky & Trading Partner (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Trade Date).

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Trading Partner Nation Transaction Proportion Detail
Kenda Rubber China Other 111
Masonite Components Other 30
You Young Argentina 24
Laode Industrial Ltd. Other 23
Loade Industrial Ltd. China 22

Port Statistics

Through lucky's Bill of Lading. Statistics of ports of entry determines global market-share of the company. Click Ports of Entry, you can consult all cargo information of lucky at ports (incluing Product Name, Weight, Price, Quantity, Trade Date).

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Port Name Nation Transaction Proportion Detail
nhava sheva sea innsa1South korea 131
kaprSouth korea 111
kpafSouth korea 98
nhavasheva jnptSouth korea 89
mundraSouth korea 86

B/Ls Data

With a selection of 1093 transactions of lucky, filtering B/L according to HS Code, Origin, Product Description, Trade Date. Click 'B/L', consult each B/L details (incluing Buyer, Supplier, HS Code, Details, Weight, Total Price, Unit Price, Trade Date).

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Trade Date Origin Product Description Quantity B/Ls
2017/09/03 Argentina coureir 0.5 UNITS >
2017/08/31 N/A paper 2.0 UNITS >
2017/08/25 Other juguetes plasticos 47.0 OTHER >
2017/08/25 Other utencilio de cocinas 197.0 OTHER >
2017/08/25 Other articulos de plasticos 204.0 OTHER >
2017/08/25 N/A garment 1.0 UNITS >
2017/08/24 Russia 100% polyester woven bedding set samples 5.0 UNITS >
2017/08/23 Other stc:automobile tubeh.s.code: 4013100000net weight:10394.00 kgs 588.0 UNITS >
2017/08/21 China fishing nets hs code:560811 net weight:12190.5kgs detention freetime a... 207.0 UNITS >
2017/08/19 Other documnts 1.0 UNITS >
2017/08/10 N/A dyes 4.0 UNITS >
2017/08/10 N/A dyes 4.0 UNITS >
2017/08/04 N/A tro 1.0 UNITS >
2017/08/04 N/A mens 1.0 UNITS >
2017/08/03 Other courier 8.0 UNITS >

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