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  • Signature Home Furnishings

  • United States|827 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2011/08/21
  • Transactions: 1 Cartons Wooden furniture Po Nbr: 4010000726105 Sku Nbr: Nil Actual Shipper: Signature Home furnishings Co., Inc No5, Lane 508, Shou-fong Road Kaohsiung Taiwan 52 Cartons Wooden furniture Po Nbr: 401...
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  • Homedeligth Furnishings

  • United States|50 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2016/09/25
  • Transactions: Wood furniture Metal Table Metal Chair furniture (wood furniture Metal furniture Metal Table Metal Chair) Shipment For Homedelight furnishings No Solid Wood Packing Material @shanghai,china,200010 Tel...
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  • Lt Custom Furnishings Inc

  • United States|537 Transactions
  • Need buy : Rattan / Wicker Furniture , and so on
  • Latest Transactions:2017/01/24
  • Transactions: furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
    furniture Parts
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  • Finesse Furnishings Inc

  • United States|163 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2013/11/26
  • Transactions: 107 Ctns Commodity K/d furniture For Aspen P.o. 3312/2907/3219p1 Customer Name Finesse furnishings Invoice# Dcv-09097 Order# D448008 Customer Order# 153050 Load# Lda13814 Wood Species American Cherry ...
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  • Pilling Furniture The Depot Park

  • United States|79 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2007/11/06
  • Transactions: General Hs 940350 Bed,chest Wooden Bedroom furniture furniture & furnishings;
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  • Hg Furnishings

  • United States|105 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2015/04/02
  • Transactions: Wooden furniture
    wooden furniture
    wooden furniture
    wooden furniture
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  • Sitting Pretty Banquet Furnishings

  • United States|27 Transactions
  • Need buy : Hotel Furniture , and so on
  • Latest Transactions:2014/08/31
  • Transactions: Footwear Covering Knee,other furniture(chair) furniture(chair) Declaration Of No Solid Wood Packing Material From Shipper Is Attached Hereto. N/a:sitting Pretty Banquet furnishings
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  • Kingdom Furnishings

  • England|28 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2016/12/01
  • Transactions: Wooden furniture Nes (not Including Antiques) (kg)
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  • E Furnishings

  • United States|34 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2016/01/09
  • Transactions: 240(two Hundred Forty) Cartons Only Containing Wooden Iron furniture & Mirror Items Po# Si 2009643 Inv.no:si15 125 Dtd.27.11.15 Sb.no:4622057 Dt.10.12.2015 Hs Code:94036000,70099200
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  • Grandhome Furnishings

  • United States|22 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2016/09/01
  • Transactions: Stc 154 Carton(s) K-d Wooden Bedroom And Ngfurniturehs Code 9403.60.80 9401.69.6011 9403.60 1 9403.50.9080 9403 7000 9403.50.9045 9 40.90809401.61.4011hbl# Alnk14084267freig Repaid
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  • Eztia Furnishings

  • United States|90 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2015/03/23
  • Transactions: Wooden furniture Table Wooden furniture Chair
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  • Whit Ash Furnishings Llc

  • United States|20 Transactions
  • Latest Transactions:2017/01/26
  • Transactions: furniture-sofa Pi No.:11716154 Po 111716 This Shipment Does Not Contain Any Solid Woodpacking Materials . Email: Matt Wroldlogisticsgroup.com Annie Worldlogisticsgroup.com David Worldlogisticsgroup.co...
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【Furniture & Furnishings buyers】 and list provides the buyers list, procurement requirements and latest deals of Furniture & Furnishings for foreign trade staff who are engaged in international trade of Furniture & Furnishings. Data source comes from buyer import data from United States, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom Korea, it is real and authority.You can screen your target customer in the buyers list of Furniture & Furnishings via company name, trade record and procurement requirement. We have marked those buyers that have contact information and have been verified manually, thus, helping you select high-quality company.