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According to system statistics, in 2015-11~2016-10, a total of united states Buy Himalaya Noche Tile 16x16 buyers from 0 countries import trade, total imports 0 times. Annual margin 0 MoM, YoY margin 0. The average monthly transactions of 0.0 times. Among them, the number of transactions up to 2015-11, up to 0 times; and transactions happened in 2016-10, 0 times.

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China Machine Building International Corp Shandong Ruyi 2016/10/28 Peru 123
The Himalaya Drug Company Fzco Corrugated Boxes Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines 2016/10/27 United Arab Emirates 25
Fuzhou Tianmao Trade Co Ltd Room Ceramic Tile (cy/cy) 2016/10/27 Peru 14
Hicity International Co Ltd Add No Lingong Roa Stc: Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile (cy/cy) 2016/10/27 Peru 1
Jingang International Group Hk Co Ltd Lcl/lcl 3 Pallets Stc 99 Ctns Of Wallpaper And 19 Ctns ... 2016/10/27 Peru 3
Cbc Co Ltd Lcl Stc:06 Fiber Drums Of 1-pharmacoat 606 2016/10/27 Peru 81
Shenzhen Onetouch Business Services Limited F Air Compressor Pump Head Spare Parts 2016/10/27 Peru 56
China National Aero Technologies 2sets Engines Contract No. Ate/pkk/11a0066 (cy/cy) 2016/10/27 China 9052
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