Buyer Categories List(5)What is the company categories?

Smart Match

Matching the product description with search words.

Example companies

Import from China

Have Chinese suppliers among partners

Example companies

  • nike usa inc United States,Total 166420 transactions, data updated to 2022-06-24
  • nike de mexico Mexico,Total 147445 transactions, data updated to 2022-06-24
  • stabilus ltd. Germany,Total 96277 transactions, data updated to 2022-06-24

Include contacts

Include website, emails, which is easier to create a sales list.

Example companies

Trading Volume

Ranks according to the trading volume from high to low.

Example companies

Transaction Date

Ranks according to the transaction time from new to old.

Example companies

Whatsapp:+86-16621075894(9:00 Am-18:00 Pm (SGT))

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