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We summarized the list of global box buyers, suppliers and import and export data. At present, we have concluded 753394 relevant purchasers and 556716 suppliers. And we have been summarizing continuously. From each company's trade report, you can check the target company's contact information, year-round supply trends, trading partners, pick-up regions, competitors, port statistics, and through the bill of lading data you can also query the price, quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

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Import and export data

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Export data
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/02/15 other
tool box accessories tool box accessories
302.0 other
2021/02/15 other
1 x 40hc 18 mt 720 car ton boxes masemul dmg 9320 nh emulsifier packing sta ndard mus im mas 25kg carto n with ldpe bag inside p alletized standard 4 way wooden pallet sh rinkwr apped hs code 38249941 fda registratio n no 1361167 6298 full manufacture addr ess pt musim mas jl ole o kawasan industri m entis percut sei tu an deli serdang medan 203 71 indonesia total gross weight 19 86 8 40 kg tot al nett weight 18 000 00 kg
720.0 other
2021/02/15 panama
cooler box
1240.0 other
2021/02/15 india
72 jumbo bags in 36 corru gated jumbo boxes on 36 pa llets copper phthalocyanin e green c i no 74260 pigment green 7 copper p hthalocyanine green crude cas no 1328 53 6 akah ue phthalo green pg7 hs code 32041 761 po no poacd 1462 dt 06 10 2020 net wt 18 000 000 kgs freight col lect nmed account aak cals dye stuffs inc
72.0 other
2021/02/15 china
platform bed bed frame topper box spring platform bed bed frame topper box spring
2560.0 other
2021/02/15 philippines
carton box 000000000000000407kg
1.0 other
2021/02/15 other
stone slabs with polished stone slabs as follows 1 box s and 6 bundle s stone slabs du e 20br0016236910 ruc 0br047467292000000000000000010 000000000000000000 680293 000 000000000000000 680293 000000 000000000000 680293 000000000 000000000 680293 000000000000 000000 680293 000000000000000 000 680293 000000000000000000 680293 000000000000000000 680293 000000000000000000 000000000000000000 680293 000 000000000000000 680293 000000 000000000000 680293 000000000 000000000 680293 000000000000 000000 680293 000000000000000 000 680293 000000000000000000 680293 000000000000000000 680293 000000000000000000 ncm 6802 93 90 6802 99 90 hs code 6 802 93 6802 99 quant sla bs 37 slab s invoice 72 2
7.0 other
2021/02/15 india
85ctns 54 311cbm 8274 000kgs clothes washer drum dd steam model suffix buyer model qty wm4200hwa abweeus wm4200hwa 8 4 ea included svc box 1 ctn s po no 1532217 contra ct no dfz202012140632976933 model hs code wm4200hw a abweeus 84502000 80 de tails are attached invoice no hqdf101503552 2
85.0 other
2021/02/15 other
auto parts 24 boxes of vehicle parts 3 item 6 800 pcs invoice no dsg210107 kns hs code 392630 sc s20akr018 mr code ramdae 1 auto parts 16 case of vehicle parts 1 item 1 990 pcs invoice no dsg201230 dai kns hs code 870829 sc s20akr018 mr code ramdae 1 n solution n solution
40.0 other
2021/02/15 india
1x20 container stc 45 packages 168 pcs of steel core on 42 wooden pallets 3 wooden boxes with 168 pcs of rebar cages total 45 pallets boxes s20 deep steel cores hot dipped galvanized serial no 042b002006009 to 042b002006176 s20 deep rebar cage hot dipped galvanised serial no 042b001005865 to 032 hsn code 73089090 invoice no ki 54 20 21 dated 14 12 2020 buyers
45.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/01/31 thailand
spare for gear box a0410610.a / gear k it a041a 101 usa
1.0 set
2021/01/31 nepal
iron pc aldrop 9mm box type
1300.0 other
2021/01/31 thailand
spare for gear box gm ci gear case flan ge mounted - for size m04/m05--35016 1hc (b)
20.0 set
2021/01/31 thailand
spare for gear box gm ci gear case foot mounted--35114 1hc (1) for size m02/m03
25.0 set
2021/01/31 vietnam
ceramic glazed floor tiles (size: 800x80 0 mm) (+27 box sample of tiles - foc) (p alletised)
105.84 other
2021/01/31 united states
other articles of wood-wooden watch box
360.0 other
2021/01/31 nepal
hose box-single door
9.0 other
2021/01/31 singapore
2200 boxes jumbo seedless grapes packed in 10 plastic punnets each of 500 grams. in corrugated cartons of 5.000 kgs each
11000.0 other
2021/01/31 indonesia
unglazed porcelain tiles (600x600mm 4 pc s box =1.44 sqm
13178.88 other
2021/01/31 afghanistan
fancy bangles(plastic) ( 9450 box)
1131.03 other

Topic description

We recommend to you the global quality trading companies that supply box products. These trading companies are collected and recommended by foreign trade network based on the original import and export data. We continue to provide high-quality foreign trade transaction information services for foreign trade users, so far we have accompanied a total of 1 million users on the road to foreign trade, we are committed to become the best cost-effective, user experience best foreign trade data service platform.

We will give priority to trading companies around the world that have recently available for related goods, and by displaying the list you can get an initial look at the recommended company's trading country, the cumulative number of transactions, the transaction date, and the trading details of the product. Active value score is a good reference criterion for you to screen high quality trading companies, the higher the active value score is in theory, the higher the integrity of the trade report is, and the healthier the company operates.

If the company name is marked with the green text contact, the trading company that picks up the box product contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email collection tool that helps you automatically collect the names, jobs, emails, and personal social pages of key people from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click the See more button to view all box trading companies. On the newly opened page, we provide additional features to help you further select the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, the number of transactions, the trading area, the port, the range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. In the foreign trade network, you can always find your target company!

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