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colas de langostino

colas de langostino
We summarized the list of global colas de langostino buyers, suppliers and import and export data. At present, we have concluded 2088204 relevant purchasers and 1707309 suppliers. And we have been summarizing continuously. From each company's trade report, you can check the target company's contact information, year-round supply trends, trading partners, pick-up regions, competitors, port statistics, and through the bill of lading data you can also query the price, quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

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Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/03/26 other
1x40 hc container 33 packages thirty three packages only containing 2 x 27 10 000 lb commerical ratchetx tie down w flat hooks 1 pk yellow 2 x 27 10 0000 lb commercial ratchetx tie down w double j 003983630000023818kg yellow 3 x 30 2 2 500 lb recovery strap w loop 20 17 000 lb tow strap with loop ends 1 pk yellow 20 9000 lb tow strap with hooks 1 pk yellow inv no f ipl14 114 20 21 2021 s bill no 8534848 dt 10 02 2021 hs code 8205700 59119090 iec no 05 03071625 po no pop 20 3487 pop20 002688 pop20 0029 89 pop20 003301 net wt 1 8318 14 kgs hbl no de l20hs00326 d freight pr epaid
33.0 other
2021/03/26 other
in total 1 x 40 container containing 20 pall ets eac h 50 bags total gross we ight for 4 0 containers is 25 659 00kgs total cubic mea surement for 40 contai ners is 50 00cbm 25 0 0 met ric tons of mimosa me powd er wattle ex tract marks natsco baltimore mim osa me product of south africa h s code no in total 1 x 40 container containing 20 pall ets eac h 50 bags total gross we ight for 4 0 containers is 25 657 00kgs total cubic mea surement for 40 contai ners is 50 00cbm 25 0 0 met ric tons of mimosa me powd er wattle ex tract net weight 50 000 0 0 kilos shipped on boar d f reight prepaid shipper d eclares that a ny applicabl e wood packaging materials compl y with the ispm 15 r egulations failure to c om ply will result in contain ers being retu rned to the load port or the cargo be ing des troyed all costs fines penalties will be f o r the shippers account
2000.0 bag
2021/03/26 other
1x20 container only 34 cases thirty four cases only containing tractor linkage parts as per commercial invoice no 3994 dt 02 02 2021 against p o nos pop20 002781 pop20 002924 pop20 003478 pop20 003646 003424800000019344kg 2020 s bill no 8422086 dt 05 02 2021 iec no 30 00009949 hs code 87 089900 net wt 1 5409 00 kgs hbl no de l20hs00328 scac ulp d freight pr epaid
34.0 other
2021/03/26 other
1110 12 825gr mrs eden s kitchen pineapple s lices i n l syrup 700 12 825gr mrs eden s kit chen pineapple slices in l syrup 56056724 bp2 14562 java holding inc customer order c 00 287 18 1 sales order 52033099 fda no 197492 41258 hs co de 2008 20 00 2nd notify party noa freshdelmonte c om freight and destinatio payable by dmfp 15 days free of container d emurrage
1810.0 other
2021/03/26 philippines
17 packages in total 235008 pieces on 1536 cartons on 17 pallets ink cartridge hs co de 844399 dn 0100736742 s hipid 0100736742 po d7c3330 08 po d7c333143 po d7c3328 06 po d7c332846 po d7c332 yl63 30001 pn 3yl6 1 30001 p n t6m14 30001 pn 3yl65 300 01 ship ref maeu20 8129661 h pi freight prepaid payable b y hpsg company code 94 108143600 company p hone no 1 6508571501 compa ny contact person rodrigo c ontact no 52 33 1 492 8404 email ftn sf p realert ftn fedex com comp any code 16 0807223 company phone no 1 310 965 5251 co mpany cont act person kevin a prah c ontact no 1 310 96 5 5251
17.0 other
2021/03/26 other
22ft reach aluminum 5 in 1 mp p o no 52186080 final de stination as pooler thd di stribution center shippers d eclaration concerning wood p acking materials no wood pac kaging material is used in th freight collect dept 3 hts code 76169951 30 26ft a lum 5 in 1 multi po sition p o no 52186080
267.0 other
2021/03/26 russia
olives in brine origin la roda de andalucia fce numbe r14525 ffr number 19326513202 dat houston hsc 2005 7000 ref facturacion 9307 2 56360 13
1320.0 other
2021/03/26 russia
olives in brine ref facturacion 92437 56332 9 origin la roda de andalucia fce number 14525 ffr number 19326513202 dat houston hsc 2005 7000
4896.0 other
2021/03/26 portugal
bodegas ordonez s l 70 case s 12 x 750ml tri ton tinta de toro 2018 gross weight 1143 00 k gm bodegas vatan s l 70 case s 12 x 750ml trito n toro 2018 gross weight 1325 00 kgm bodegas breca s l 490 case s 12 x 750ml brec a rose 2020 490 case s 12 x 750ml breca 2017 gross weight 18906 00 kgm
1120.0 other
2021/03/26 russia
171ctns 50 405cbm 5124 000kgs clothes washer others model suffix buyer model qty wdp5v asseeus wdp5v 168 ea final de st lg electronics 5565 sierra ave fontana ca 92336 inclu ded svc box 3 ctn s po no contract no dfz 2021010406 38746869 1 freigh t prepaid model hs code wd p5v asseeus 940320 0050 details are attached invoice no hqdf101507358 1
171.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/02/28 brazil
draw texturised yarn (grey) 150d/48f nim - fio de filamentos "aa" grade
6996.0 other
2021/02/28 turkey
bright bars chromium type(bright bars ma de out of stainless steel) as per grade din 1.4871 size 9.30 dia mm
2000.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
soyabean extraction de-oiled cake
143990.0 other
2021/02/28 oman
de-oiled rice bran (dorb) pkg in new pp
169.71 other
2021/02/28 turkey
bright bars chromium type(bright bars ma de out of stainless steel) as per grade din 1.4871 size 11.30 dia mm
1602.0 other
2021/02/28 turkey
bright bars chromium type(bright bars ma de out of stainless steel) as per grade din 1.4871 size 6.30 dia mm
1015.0 other
2021/02/28 jordan
writing instruments ball point pens de
180000.0 other
2021/02/28 south korea
smart temperature transmitters other 50 086421-511 sttx50 hart de tb assy w/o lp gl input
1.0 other
2021/02/28 france
automotive parts- cladding-inst panel si de rh - 681345388r - net wt - 0.126 kgs
2.0 other
2021/02/28 argentina
polyester texturised yarn (all other de tails as per invoice
22407.0 other

Topic description

We recommend to you the global quality trading companies that supply colas de langostino products. These trading companies are collected and recommended by foreign trade network based on the original import and export data. We continue to provide high-quality foreign trade transaction information services for foreign trade users, so far we have accompanied a total of 1 million users on the road to foreign trade, we are committed to become the best cost-effective, user experience best foreign trade data service platform.

We will give priority to trading companies around the world that have recently available for related goods, and by displaying the list you can get an initial look at the recommended company's trading country, the cumulative number of transactions, the transaction date, and the trading details of the product. Active value score is a good reference criterion for you to screen high quality trading companies, the higher the active value score is in theory, the higher the integrity of the trade report is, and the healthier the company operates.

If the company name is marked with the green text contact, the trading company that picks up the colas de langostino product contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email collection tool that helps you automatically collect the names, jobs, emails, and personal social pages of key people from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click the See more button to view all colas de langostino trading companies. On the newly opened page, we provide additional features to help you further select the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, the number of transactions, the trading area, the port, the range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. In the foreign trade network, you can always find your target company!

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