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knitted d women s shirt topic

knitted d women s shirt topic
Based on the original trade data, we have compiled [@KEYWORD] trading companies and their import and export analysis reports. At present, there already has related purchasers [@购商数] and suppliers [@商数], and the number has been continuously increasing. You can not only check the import and export data, but also check the company's contact information, annual supply trends, partners, trade areas, competitors, and ports. And you can also query the product price , Quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

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Export data
Date Countries Product Quantity
2022/06/07 japan
used vehicle s 1997 mitsubishi challenger hs code 8703 32 used vehicle s 1997 toyota corolla levin hs code 8703 23 used vehicle s 1997 honda acty truck hs code used vehic le s 1993 toyota estima hs code 87 03 32 used vehic le s 1997 toyota hilux surf hs cod e 8703 33
5.0 other
2022/06/07 other
furniture as per hooker furniture corporation s purchase order number 0003794 mathis brot hers po 971464913 this shipment contains no solid wood packing material this state ment serves as certification that all composi te wood which is used in the production of fi nished goods or parts for hooker furniture co and its subsidiaries is tsca titlevi complia nt
110.0 other
2022/06/07 other
womens shoes not covering t he ankle upper is greater t han 90 rubber plastic ou ter sole rubber plastic wit hout foxing band sandals wi th open toes open heels p roduced in one piece molding 1 sugarcane eva 4 9 plastic eva outsole 51 sugarcane eva 49 plastic ev a po h2 xv1ma style 86693 5 hs cod e 6402 99 no w ood packag ing material conta iner summa ry mrsu586 09866 40x9 6 291ctn 19 184cbm 1457 890kgs b l tota l summary 291ctn 19 184cbm 1457 890kgs
291.0 other
2022/06/07 china
stone monument sculpture s hipper s load stowage and cou nt 86 592 2618070 003297600000036640lb
61.0 other
2022/06/07 india
24 nos new pneumatic tires as per invoice no se3322 002865 other reference 9 101042627 shipping bill no 4002656 date 14 04 2022 h s code no 40117000 net wt 6712 099 kgs tel 91 462 2911233 34 fax 91 462 230092 5 ie code 0307085279 email custo mscomp liance atgtire com t el 781 321 3910 fax 78 7 email yokoha matire bos expeditors com amanda passias expeditors com carrier resp onsibilit y ceases at new york unit ed state s cargo intransit to parkesburg wh oe 4087 lower valley road parkes burg 19365 pennsyl vania co untry usa on consignees own risk a nd responsibilit y freight collect
24.0 other
2022/06/07 sri lanka
mens womens boys girls app arel line women s knit s horts description fabric 79 pol yester 21 spande x hs code 611030 6104 63 611420 621210 610 343 po 450840334 9 10 4 508367569 10 4508403349 20 4508 511052 10 45085 11042 30 4508511052 20 45 08511042 10 450851104 2 20
117.0 other
2022/06/07 other
food stuff corn silk tea ams self filing scac rlcl hbl rshou2205002 hs code 090210 bullet a setting temp 1 c all closed chang trading co ltd freight pr epaid cargo is stowed in a refrigerated container at the shi pper s requested carrying temperatu 1 degrees celsius
2073.0 other
2022/06/07 other
frozen shrimp freight prepaid cargo is stowed in a refrigerated container s at the shipper s requested carrying temperatu of 18 degrees celsius frozen shrimps net weight lbs 15 104 88 kgs
2950.0 other
2022/06/07 other
garments garments garments garments reference number jdb f7b678 boys 60 percent cotton 40 percent polyester k pant reference number jdb f8b707 boys 2pc sets including 60 percent cotton 40 percent polyester knit top 60 percent cotton garments garments garments garments lyester knit pant reference number jdb phb853 boys 2pc s ets including 60 percent cotton 40 percent po lyester knit top 60 percent cotton percent po lyester knit pant reference number jdb pob676 boys 60 pe rcent cotton 40 percent polyester kpullover h oody number jdb pob685 boys 60 pe rcent cotton 40 percent polyester kpullover h oody reference number jdb t9b697 boys 60 pe rcent cotton 40 percent polyester kshorts reference number jdg zhb731 girls 57 p ercent cotton 38 percent polyester astane knit jacket with front full zi
31913.0 other
2022/06/07 malaysia
1x20 heavy duty container con tains collated nails 1776 ctn s on 23 pallets hs code 73170 05518 7317005508 7317005503 i nv no 2210001886 po no 2088341 ddp cincinnati oh 003306690000036741lb
1776.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2022/04/30 china
cover housing cpl. display alu ex d gray
60.0 other
2022/04/30 france
part of electrical panel made of cr ms s
1280.0 set
2022/04/30 other
safety seat belt assembly -s/belt assy
576.0 other
2022/04/30 united states
(cgi-2034) 40x17x42 iron and wood jeep d
28.0 other
2022/04/30 kuwait
160-3p-331/00-10 single cut (3p busbar s
1500.0 other
2022/04/30 united arab emirates
switchgear product db-dhdin006 d.board s
325.0 other
2022/04/30 south korea
garnish assy-crash pad d/side-84790-dy02
2.0 other
2022/04/30 england
other cast articles of iron malleable (d
12.0 set
2022/04/30 united arab emirates
panels for industrial use, alu ex d encl
10.0 other
2022/04/30 united states
automotive spare parts - tie rod ends d
400.0 other

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We recommend to you high-quality trading companies related to [@KEY] products, which is based on the compilation and analysis of original import and export data. We are always providing high-quality transaction information services for foreign trade users. So far, we have served 1 million users. 52WMB is committed to becoming a trade data service platform with high cost performance and good user experience.

We give priority to recommending global companies that have recently traded related products. Through the contents of the list, you can have a preliminary understanding of the company's trading country, and transaction date, number and details. Active value score is a good reference for you to select high-quality trading companies. The higher the active value score of a company, the more complete the trade report and the healthier the company will be.

If the company is marked with the green label "include contact", it means this company contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email hunting tool that helps you automatically collect the key person's name, job, email, and personal social page from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click 'More' to view all knitted d women s shirt trading companies. On the new page, we provide additional features to help you filter the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, number of transactions, trading area, ports, range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. On the you can always find your target company!

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