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sa miller topic

sa miller topic
Based on the original trade data, we have compiled [@KEYWORD] trading companies and their import and export analysis reports. At present, there already has related purchasers [@购商数] and suppliers [@商数], and the number has been continuously increasing. You can not only check the import and export data, but also check the company's contact information, annual supply trends, partners, trade areas, competitors, and ports. And you can also query the product price , Quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

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Export data
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/07/16 united states
household goods and personal e ffects 10 of 12 lvns adams aaron ltc wkas0206097 carrie r awdw 14126 lbs 1980 cft harmonized tariff schedule 9805 00 50 freight payable by seaco shipping sa under t rvice contract con tract 29 8477500 customer ref 12800147 174 also notify awdw pas ha freight houston qsl
10.0 other
2021/07/16 united states
household goods and personal e ffects 5 of 5 lvns gundac ker henry thoma sfc wkas0205 278 carrier alow 5711 lbs 918 cft 6 of 6 lvns bant ug loisamielle sgt wkas02061 42 carrier ctfy 5989 lbs 1 harmonized tariff sc hedule 9805 00 50 freight payable b y seaco shipping sa under te rms of service contr act cont ract 298477500 cus tomer ref 12800147174 also notify a low tristar housto n also n otify ctfy trista
11.0 other
2021/07/16 united states
household goods and personal e ffects 8 of 10 lvns rodrig uez marco cw3 wkas0202938 ca rrier alow 10555 lbs 1520 c ft 2 of 2 lvns monahan lu cas msg wkfs0104992 carrier hanj 3012 lbs 410 cft h tariff schedule 9 805 00 50 freight payable by seaco shi pping sa under ter ms of serv ice contract contr act 2984 77500 customer ref 1280014717 4 also notify al ow trist ar houston also no tify hanj tristar houston
10.0 other
2021/07/16 india
frozen pork belly skin off net weight 54964 09 lbs 24931 29 kgs gross weight 56983 43 lbs freight prepaid dawn usa inc 201 n harris st 005169450000025847k 020230 005 169450000025847k 020230 005169 450000025847k 020230 005169450 000025847k 020230 005169450000 025847k 020230 005169450000025 847k 020230 005169450000025847 k 020230 005169450000025847k 020230 005169450000025847k ga 31015 u sa
1058.0 other
2021/07/16 india
furniture items wooden indian handicraft furniture items invoice no 2378 ii 21 22 dt 17 05 2021 s b no 1826829 dt 17 05 2021 000000000000000000 940360 000 000000000000000 940360 000000 000000000000 940360 000000000 000000000 940360 000000000000 000000 940360 000000000000000 000 940360 000000000000000000 940360 000000000000000000 940360 000000000000000000 000000000000000000 940360 000 000000000000000 940360 000000 000000000000 no 156600 hs code 94036000 scac code rtwi nac s21min 064 mr code sa rbut 1
44.0 other
2021/07/16 india
frozen pork belly frozen pork belly skin off net weight 54976 61 lbs 24936 97 kgs gross weight 56983 65 lbs freight prepaid dawn usa inc 005169470000025847k 020329 005 169470000025847k 020329 005169 470000025847k 020329 005169470 000025847k 020329 005169470000 025847k 020329 005169470000025 847k 020329 005169470000025847 k 020329 005169470000025847k 020329 005169470000025847k 005169470000025847k ris st cordele ga 31015 u sa
1049.0 other
2021/07/16 united states
household goods and personal e ffects 9 of 10 lvns martin ez edwin cpt wkas0204744 car rier bnbf 11049 lbs 1672 cf t 2 of 2 lvns chand parni l sgt wkas0205681 carrier bn bf 1644 lbs 208 cft 1 lam christopher sg t wkas02 06559 carrier bnbf 298 lbs 48 cft harmoni zed tariff schedule 9805 00 50 frei ght payable by seaco shipping sa under terms of service co ntract contract 298477500 customer ref 128001 lso notify bnbf p asha freig ht houston qsl
12.0 other
2021/07/16 united states
household goods and personal e ffects 4 of 14 lvns lopez victor tsg ucfs0047373 carri er cvni 3602 lbs 532 cft 1 of 3 lvns sugg kimberly maj wkfs0104769 carrier aav h 1021 lbs 205 cft 7 o smith james gs 13 wkfs01053 85 carrier aavh 110 38 lbs 1 360 cft harmonized tariff sc hedule 9805 00 50 freight payable by seaco sh ipping sa under terms of ser vice contr act contract 298 477500 cus tomer ref 128001471 notify cvni west pac intern ational also notif y aavh royal hawaiian mover s inc
12.0 other
2021/07/16 chile
fresh apples21 pallets freight prepaid ref u sa 14 e 118896
1176.0 other
2021/07/16 other
mineral water miller ref 1050003222 cna sp 003874600000019373kg
1080.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/06/30 the democratic republic of the congo
tvs king 3w spare parts part no:m720053 0-ball bearing 35x72x17 normal 6207- par ts & accessories of motorcycles excl. sa
100.0 other
2021/06/30 chile
seat cowl rh dt181208 sa black+red decal
4.0 other
2021/06/30 united arab emirates
automative spares 72)b1516902-sa of rev
20.0 other
2021/06/30 united states
luna sa 1700 pw-auth 2 gsno cl sw 5.2
2.0 other
2021/06/30 united arab emirates
spare parts for commercial vehicles - lu clutch release bearing / sae 2 / sa e3 part no - a4002500415
5.0 other
2021/06/30 cameroon
sa to suit twin aaac366 (24.85mm
4.0 other
2021/06/30 italy
cold finished stainless steel seamless t ubes as per asme sa 213 tp 304 :17.20 mm od x 1.20 mm (awt) x 10590 mm long
4871.4 other
2021/06/30 canada
indian incense sticks ks sa
180.0 other
2021/06/30 united states
13 unit classic whey to go pack29.76g sa mple pack(ice cream cookie dream) (nutri tion supplements)re-exp agst wh be# 3519
0.39 other
2021/06/30 other
mig welding torches part no.ac1303 radno r 130 r16 10ft grip miller (64007800
200.0 other

Topic description

We recommend to you high-quality trading companies related to [@KEY] products, which is based on the compilation and analysis of original import and export data. We are always providing high-quality transaction information services for foreign trade users. So far, we have served 1 million users. 52WMB is committed to becoming a trade data service platform with high cost performance and good user experience.

We give priority to recommending global companies that have recently traded related products. Through the contents of the list, you can have a preliminary understanding of the company's trading country, and transaction date, number and details. Active value score is a good reference for you to select high-quality trading companies. The higher the active value score of a company, the more complete the trade report and the healthier the company will be.

If the company is marked with the green label "include contact", it means this company contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email hunting tool that helps you automatically collect the key person's name, job, email, and personal social page from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click 'More' to view all sa miller trading companies. On the new page, we provide additional features to help you filter the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, number of transactions, trading area, ports, range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. On the you can always find your target company!

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