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We summarized the list of global steel buyers, suppliers and import and export data. At present, we have concluded 588199 relevant purchasers and 371802 suppliers. And we have been summarizing continuously. From each company's trade report, you can check the target company's contact information, year-round supply trends, trading partners, pick-up regions, competitors, port statistics, and through the bill of lading data you can also query the price, quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

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The following steel import&export data and trend analysis is based on the databaseAll countries
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Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/02/15 argentina
toaster hand mixer table blender steel bottle s blender electric steak maker this shipment does not contain solid wood packing materials
1144.0 other
2021/02/15 china
3pcs folding resin wicker bistro set chair 3pcs folding resin wicker bistro set table steel folding chair 24 square steel folding table p o no 90791298 sku 810495769 791298 sku 810495770 p o no 90 791779 sku 810495761 p o no 90 791779 sku 810495763 ship to co de location 00879 dura nt ok custom cle arance at discharge port please sho w ocean freight on sea waybill clared all container s contain no wood packaging material supplied b y sunbay company ltd service co ntract 20 2419 freight co llect yinzhou d istrict ningbo zip code 315101 china
409.0 other
2021/02/15 china
conditioned steel cut wire shot hs code 7205 29 000001730000002080kg
4.0 other
2021/02/15 philippines
steel dumbbell 000000000000003440kg
3.0 other
2021/02/15 argentina
stainless steel tubes stainless steel tubes 000346820000004623kg 000346820000009629kg
74.0 other
2021/02/15 china
steel tyre cord scac code ppil ams sent by nvo self steel tyre cord scac code ppil ams sent by nvo self steel tyre cord scac code ppil ams sent by nvo self 011374600000063348kg 011374600000063348kg 011374600000063348kg
36.0 other
2021/02/15 china
steel opp 2 step 2893320 1120 7whg8 po 117996051 p212881 steel opp 2 step 2893320 112 07whg8 po 117996055 p212883 this shipment does not cont ain solid wood packing materi al steel opp 2 step 2893320 1120 7whg8 po 117996051 p212881 steel opp 2 step 2893320 112 07whg8 po 117996055 p212883 this shipment does not cont ain solid wood packing materi al
642.0 other
2021/02/15 japan
rubber coated steel seals ball bearing parts hs code no 848790 accepted by nanko customs approval date 2021 01 07 000000030000000036kg
3.0 other
2021/02/15 taiwan
steel insert 3plts 250ctns hs code 731816
250.0 other
2021/02/15 china
stainless steel door floorstanding lamps carv ing machine parts 000000000000019042kg
1897.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/01/31 united states
bolt of steel:033.100.524 wheel bolt
9.0 other
2021/01/31 bangladesh
fabricated structural steel (api)
9.06 other
2021/01/31 united states
stainless steel wire (wire of stainls st l of thickness of above 1.5 mm ) (all de tails as per inv & pkg list)
19158.8 other
2021/01/31 mexico
alloy steel forgings (machined) gear mac
12579.05 other
2021/01/31 nepal
electrolytic tinplate steel type mr gra de batch annealed (industrial raw mater ial) size-0.27x892x600 t57 ba 2.8/2.8
9.88 other
2021/01/31 poland
stainless steel wires made in india grad e aisi 302 spring hard(of thickness of 0 .46mm and above but not exceeding 1.5mm)
4756.0 other
2021/01/31 sri lanka
other welded circular c/section steel tu
37.0 other
2021/01/31 kenya
m.s.erw tubes erw precision tube of stee l steel tubes (size: od 19.05 x 2 thick x 5500 mm)
2000.0 other
2021/01/31 china
machinery parts for crushing grinding ( made of alloy steel casting) roller (oth det as per inv & pl)
4.0 other
2021/01/31 argentina
machined parts/components made wholly or predominantly of alloy steel manufactur ed through casting process a73539f 1
2.0 other

Topic description

We recommend to you the global quality trading companies that supply steel products. These trading companies are collected and recommended by foreign trade network based on the original import and export data. We continue to provide high-quality foreign trade transaction information services for foreign trade users, so far we have accompanied a total of 1 million users on the road to foreign trade, we are committed to become the best cost-effective, user experience best foreign trade data service platform.

We will give priority to trading companies around the world that have recently available for related goods, and by displaying the list you can get an initial look at the recommended company's trading country, the cumulative number of transactions, the transaction date, and the trading details of the product. Active value score is a good reference criterion for you to screen high quality trading companies, the higher the active value score is in theory, the higher the integrity of the trade report is, and the healthier the company operates.

If the company name is marked with the green text contact, the trading company that picks up the steel product contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email collection tool that helps you automatically collect the names, jobs, emails, and personal social pages of key people from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click the See more button to view all steel trading companies. On the newly opened page, we provide additional features to help you further select the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, the number of transactions, the trading area, the port, the range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. In the foreign trade network, you can always find your target company!

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