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watersoluble color paint

watersoluble color paint
We summarized the list of global watersoluble color paint buyers, suppliers and import and export data. At present, we have concluded 562840 relevant purchasers and 351373 suppliers. And we have been summarizing continuously. From each company's trade report, you can check the target company's contact information, year-round supply trends, trading partners, pick-up regions, competitors, port statistics, and through the bill of lading data you can also query the price, quantity, unit price and mode of transportation.

Buyer list

Find 562840 watersoluble color paint buyers and it's trade report.All buyers
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Supplier list

Find 351373 watersoluble color paint suppliers and it's trade report.All suppliers
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Import and export data

The following watersoluble color paint import&export data and trend analysis is based on the databaseAll countries
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Export data
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/03/29 bangladesh
ready made garment clnup team adj color dpty dj color chmp fl vsr color chps fl adj 2tn
271.0 other
2021/03/29 russia
prepared painting canvas
1334.0 other
2021/03/29 argentina
msb colorant white 000000000000001170kg
96.0 other
2021/03/29 philippines
24 bottles acrylic paint po 2270703 item jmjxap2475 upc 192234037195 24 bottles water color paint po 22707 03 item jmjxap2475w upc 192234050408 acrylic paint 4 pk 100ml po 2270703 item 0p4 upc 192234061 053 shi pment contains no wo od packing material wpm sc 2965800 50 say two thousan d two hund red cartons only
2200.0 other
2021/03/29 russia
paint 3209 10
61.0 other
2021/03/29 china
water sprayer paint sprayer pex tube crimper
145.0 other
2021/03/29 other
clothing 1x40 42 bundles with box 1873 ladies womens other knit tshirst of cotton fabric knitted 60 cotton 40 poly color light grey heather ladies womens other knit tshirst of cotton tted 60 cotton 40 poly color blac k soot 210131 girls wome ns girls knit underpants of mmf fabric kni tted 80 poly 20 cott color fuch sia burst 2034146 mens mens boys knit pullovers knit of mmf fabric kni tted 100 poly color blue cove 2051157 ns girls knit underpants of mmf fabric kni tted 80 poly 20 cott color arct ic white 21293 girls wome ns girls knit thermal undershirts of mmf fabric kni tted 80 poly 20 cott color ligh t grey heather girls wome ns girls knit thermal undershirts fabric kni tted 80 poly 20 cott color blac k soot 210131
1873.0 box
2021/03/29 other
202 pieces 200 pcs personal effects 6000 kg boxes used eduicational books and bed sheets barrels of used clothes shoes bed frames mattresses chairs tires tvs bikes solar panel toys tools luckney pierre 1 jeep w t 2004 2774 kg vin 1j4fa 49s34p744007 color yel low property estivenson clereaux 1 chev ast 2005 1746 kg 19x85b126243 color whi te property rose mica clervius hs code 8 70322 870322 caed 50h37 3sa671420210318630510
202.0 other
2021/03/29 philippines
hot dip galvanized steel sheet in coils hot dip aluminum zinc alloy coated steel sheets in coils and pre painted al zn alloy coated steel oils
149.0 other
2021/03/29 united states
original paintings and lithographs made in united states
30.0 other
Date Countries Product Quantity
2021/02/28 spain
thickness 0.280 mm,0.300 mm color coate
7.52 other
2021/02/28 italy
0.460 mm color coated coil (na)x(>=600)
3.8 other
2021/02/28 italy
0.760 mm color coated coil (na)x(>=600) prime prepainted galvanized steel coils 0.760 mm x 1 234.0 mm x mt_133
33.62 other
2021/02/28 italy
0.760 mm color coated coil (na)x(>=600)
4.17 other
2021/02/28 nepal
track paint
576.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
paint dn promise exterior 92 base 18l
25.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
paint dn vaf trends non-metallic 1l
240.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
paint dn exterior acrylic primer 10l
40.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
paint ip duwel wb cement primer 10 lt
170.0 other
2021/02/28 nepal
paint dn promise interior 92 base 18l
50.0 other

Topic description

We recommend to you the global quality trading companies that supply watersoluble color paint products. These trading companies are collected and recommended by foreign trade network based on the original import and export data. We continue to provide high-quality foreign trade transaction information services for foreign trade users, so far we have accompanied a total of 1 million users on the road to foreign trade, we are committed to become the best cost-effective, user experience best foreign trade data service platform.

We will give priority to trading companies around the world that have recently available for related goods, and by displaying the list you can get an initial look at the recommended company's trading country, the cumulative number of transactions, the transaction date, and the trading details of the product. Active value score is a good reference criterion for you to screen high quality trading companies, the higher the active value score is in theory, the higher the integrity of the trade report is, and the healthier the company operates.

If the company name is marked with the green text contact, the trading company that picks up the watersoluble color paint product contains contact information, including: contact, email, telephone, fax, official web address, company address. We also provide an email collection tool that helps you automatically collect the names, jobs, emails, and personal social pages of key people from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels through your company name.

Click the See more button to view all watersoluble color paint trading companies. On the newly opened page, we provide additional features to help you further select the target company, which you can filter through the trade country, the number of transactions, the trading area, the port, the range of transactions, whether it includes contacts, etc., and sort the transaction times and the time of the transaction, which will greatly improve the efficiency of data query and use. In the foreign trade network, you can always find your target company!

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