Jungle Scout Product Choosing tool

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Get real-time sales of competing products, developed by a team of US big data experts. The accuracy rate is as high as 90%! Big data selection + operation. It is a must for Amazon sellers! One-stop service to help sellers successfully go to sea!

The core functions of plug-in version and web version

When you use the plug-in version and the web version together, you will increase the chance of creating an explosive product.

Plug-in version
Web version
Access to product sales
Open the Amazon Hot List, product details page or search page, click to run the plug-in, and immediately view the product's estimated sales, review, profit and market competition data, etc. Big data selection makes the seller win!
Verify product selection ideas
Through the independently developed AccuSales ™ data analysis engine, it provides sellers with accurate estimates of monthly / daily sales, historical ranking / sales / price and other data. Analyzes market trends, eliminates doubts about product selection, and makes it easier to develop explosive products.
Market competition analysis
Each keyword represents a market segment. The opportunity score of the plug-in gives a score based on comprehensive consideration of the market's supply and demand, competition, and the quality of existing listings, helping sellers filter products.
Bulk invitation
Sending invitation emails in batches through JS plugins improves the efficiency by 80%. It also retains the function of "send invitation invitations alone". Sellers who do refined operations can test the effect of sending through control variables.
Cache mode
When using the professional version of the plug-in, if you encounter a problem that the plug-in takes too long to load because of too much data, you can turn on the "cache mode" and load all the data in 0.8 seconds! After having the cache mode, if seller is stuck on the network, he or she can turn on this mode.
Selection database
Customize screening products from 16 dimensions such as monthly sales volume, price, profit, review quantity, size and weight. The largest product database in the industry designed for Amazon sellers. Just enter a few data.
Competing products tracker
After mining the product in the product database, add it to the competitive product tracker with one click, and you can automatically monitor the daily sales, price and ranking data of the listing for a long time.
Potential market searcher
The potential market searcher is a powerful tool for the Jungle Scout web version to explore product trends and profit blue oceans. If you are preparing to put on the first product or are looking for a unique explosion, then you must need it!
Keyword function
Accurately locate the traffic words of multiple ASIN products, and quickly select their core keywords and homepage keywords. According to the keyword search volume, historical trends and degree of competition, formulate List's keyword strategy and advertising plan.
Monitoring reminder
Whether it is a product being sold or a tracked competing product, once the product information (such as price, number of reviews, etc.) changes, the "monitoring reminder" will immediately send an email reminder, so that all changes are in your hands!
New product booster
It has powerful functions. On the one hand, it supports sellers to send a Deal to the platform Jump Send a Deal by themselves, reaching a target buyer of more than 200,000, effectively and quickly transferring the off-site traffic to the product page.
Store sales analysis
Through this function, you can fully grasp the financial status of the store. Easily view single-day and historical sales data, gain insight into the company's performance growth points, and minimize operating costs.
Inventory management
Use big data to judge and manage Amazon inventory, accurately predict the quantity of inventory you need to order and the best time to replenish, to avoid the occurrence of out of stock and unnecessary losses due to out of stock
Listing generator
The listing generator creates data-driven listings to help you compete for key rankings on Amazon search results pages. Optimize the listing through the high-quality keywords recommended by the algorithm and quickly improve the ranking!

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How selling on Amazon changed my life

Kevin Rizer CEO and founder
Jungle Scout Amazon product selection operation and maintenance tool is the way I start all product research. It saves my team and me countless hours every month. To be honest, without it, I don’t know what we did!
Robert Kiyosaki CEO and founder
It is currently the best Amazon selection operation and maintenance software. As well as the selection tool, he also shows users how to be successful on amazon and how to build amazon hot style using Jungle Scout.
Amazon webmaster
Although much of the domestic data is open, JS is Amazon's only officially approved data scraping tool. Three years of JS die-hard fan. JS's data accuracy and stability are both commendable. It supports most of my data needs for refined operations.
Jessie Individual sellers
JS has really made a good product, which is very suitable for our small sellers, if only used early. I have found a product in less than a week, and I am in talks with the supplier. This is the fastest time I have been an Amazon seller for a year.