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Consult 30 first-tier countries data & updated date

Consult 30 first-tier countries data & updated date

Consult 30 first-tier countries data & updated date

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No Limit Number of Companies

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30 countries import and export data, more than 20,000,000 real overseas companies
  • To your sales team
    Set up a customer list
  • Competitors and trading partners
    Real time monitoring of trade profiles
  • Help salesman develop quickly
    Real overseas trading company
  • Try to get to know your first
    Unknown overseas market prospects
  • Industry Reports will help you
    Become a leader in the industry
  • Intelligent push in big data
    Let work efficiency by doing half the work

Be built for big data,the product's core data blocks and features

All we have done is to let big data help you to achieve your goal.

You can find the complete data about trading companies of the first-tier 27 countries and some of the data of the second-tier countries trading countries around the world. Search for the corresponding country's target company mainly through the product keywords,company's name and HS code.Company's trade report includes the following blocks:

Market Analysis: shows the company's trading trend analysis of the past year.
Trading Partner: shows all trading partners and transactions of the company.
Peer Company: shows the competitors of the company.
Port Statistic: shows all the ports and bill of ladings.
Bill of lading: searched by year, product, code, suppliers.
Contact:includes email,official website,fax,phone number,contact,address

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We've been still working on it

We have always insisted on providing our users the most cost-effective data service products.
  • Data cleaning

    It costs almost 2 million a year

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  • 27 Countries

    We have the most complete data

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  • Updated twice a month

    updating, the basic for data service

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Now we have 30 trade countries, which may be the most comprehensive in the market.The number of companies with contact information is up 150%.The data update speed has been up to twice a week.We rewrite the underlying procedures of the site so that it could be opened faster and faster.The new UI interface will refresh your eyes.We put huge human source and financial aspects of data cleaning and consolidation(You may occasionally find some obvious mistakes in data usage,which may be caused by the mechanism of data processing algorithms.For this reason,we still need to work hard.)

As many countries prohibit the opening up of customs data to the laws,regulations and laws,which makes the customs data incomplete and have inherent defects.Based on the existing data of the 27 first-tier trading countries,we insist on earnestly doing data cleaning and consolidation on the original bill of lading data,carefully analyzing and researching data usage scenarios to create more needs for users.We don't pack the data in high-end and team collaoration.We just try to make it an indispensable tool and a data support in international trade.

Our price and data are transparent.There is no guidance and over-marketing in the process.We only provide users with the best data and user experience.Even as the hardware,data and operating costs rise.we remain be the most-effective customers data service provider in the industry.Our vision is to be the most cost-effective and the best user experience provider.For this,we can not stop at anytime.