How to search corporate mailbox by company name?

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In the work of foreign trade development customers, when we find potential target customers, the key to the next step is to find effective and accurate email contact methods. Suppose we know each other’s company name, there are many places where foreign company names exist, such as B2B platforms, search engines, industry directories, yellow pages, etc., but often we searched and found that we did not find the desired email address, or the public mailbox was found. How to accurately search the enterprise mailbox by company name?

Known company names can be roughly divided into two cases, one is that we find the exact and complete company name; the other is the company name with incomplete information, such as the company name with only brand name and prefix name. For example, the full name of an American company is called Solid Trading Llc. However, we only know Solid Llc. Obviously, the middle part is missing and incomplete.

For the two cases mentioned above, when we search in Google, we have to use different ways to search.

First let’s take a look at the first case, where the full name of the company is known to be accurate and complete. In many cases, when we search for a company name directly, B2B platforms, industry directories, yellow pages, etc. that contain the company name string will appear in the search results. Generally, companies rarely leave their email addresses on these platforms. So these pages do not allow us to find the email addresses of the key purchasers we want. Most of the time, we can only find public mailboxes with suffixes such as,, or even no mailbox information. This type of public mailbox is not a corporate mailbox contact method. It may just be a temporary mailbox used by the purchaser to send inquiries and inquiry emails to the group. Contacting through this type of mailbox is often not very good.

We can find that looking up the mailbox directly by the company name, the effect is not very satisfactory. In fact, a better way is to find the company's official website. Because the company's official website can be said to be the company's official promotion window, while displaying products and services, it will also leave contact information on the website. The effectiveness of this type of mailbox is usually better than that obtained by other sources.

Therefore, when the company name is complete, we try to find the official website of the target company when searching through Google. That is to say, when searching, you can add the company's URL after the company name to search together, so that you can quickly find the company's accurate website URL.

Next is the second case, the company name with incomplete information. How to search for this? Obviously, it is difficult to find the official website of a precise company by searching with an incomplete company name. In fact, this situation is the same as the first one, and it is also found through the company name plus the URL. However, considering that some company names are missing, we can use Google's whole-word wildcard (*) to replace the missing parts for searching. For example, it is also an American company Gcl Transportation Inc., when you only know Gcl Inc., at this time, when we input search keywords, we can use * to refer to the transportation string. In this way, we can find the company name and URL we want when the company name information is incomplete.

In short, through Google search for potential customers' mailbox information, compared with other related website pages, the most effective is the customer's company's official website.