How to inquire the enterprise mailbox through the company domain name?

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In the process of developing customers in foreign trade, knowing the company name, website domain name, and customer name is the direction of our search for customers. In the last issue, we talked about the company's official website before talking about the company name of the known company. (You can have a review if you don’t see it. [How to search for corporate mailbox by company name?] ) After finding the website of the target company, how to find the corporate mailbox by company domain name?

Directly through the company's website homepage, about us, contact and other channel pages, check the contact information such as mailbox and phone in the content. Or if the website has a PDF file, you can also directly download and check the contact information.

Secondly, through the search engine, enter keywords to search. Generally divided into two cases, one is to use the site search command to limit the search scope to the company's website, and then search with email keywords. For example, email. The search result is the content of the web page containing the keyword email in all pages of this website, so as to find the email address of the target company.

The second is to enter the known URL directly in the search bar to search the entire network without restricting the conditions. Because some companies may not have email contact information on their website pages, or we want to find out if the company has other email addresses on other pages, you can remove the site restriction and directly combine the URL and email keyword search. When searching in this way, the search scope does not limit the company website of the target customer, and the search results also include the web content of the first search method.

Here, there may be foreign traders asking: Assuming that we only know the company name, in addition to looking for the URL, can we also search for email keywords in the same way as the above search method? Yes, but one thing to note is that some companies don’t necessarily put the text keyword email when placing these contact information. So when searching, you can add a keyword, for example, amazon email | contact.

"I only know the name of the customer. Can I find the email contact information through Google?" In general, it is difficult to find the customer's email information accurately. Why do we say that? On the one hand, you don’t know which company this person is from? What is the company's official website? On the other hand, if what you know is not the full name of the customer, but a separate name, such as John, a name with a high duplication rate, it is difficult for us to distinguish whether the search result is the person we want. 

Believe it or not, when you only search for customer names, you will find that many of the search results are the pages of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And it is difficult for us to pinpoint exactly which page is the homepage of the customer we are looking for.

If it is a known customer's company name + customer name, or URL + customer name, it is relatively easy to locate and find the mailbox information. It's difficult to search the customer name directly to find the mailbox. You can only add a keyword to assist the search, for example, add your own industry words. Or assuming that the country to which the customer belongs is known, advanced search can also be used to limit the range of countries and regions searched. Of course, the results of this search can get too little information, and the effect will be greatly discounted accordingly.