How to search and collect customer mailboxes?

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When developing potential foreign trade customers, knowing the company name, website domain name, and customer name is our direction to search and find customers. Given the fact that some customer information is known, how can we combine these information resources to search the customer's mailbox?

Company name + customer name
Suppose we know the company name and customer name of the potential target company, how do we get the customer's email information at this time?

First of all, because the prefix of many corporate mailboxes abroad is usually named after the person's name, the suffix is ​​the company's company name, so we can guess the customer's email address by combining the company name and the customer name.For example, knowing that there is an American company whose company name is Marmiro Stones Inc. Assuming that the customer's name is John William, then we can enter,, etc. in the Google search bar to try searching. Of course, this kind of search method mentioned above is based on the guessing of the known information, so after finding the mailbox, you need to verify it through the page information containing the mailbox or the content of the home page.

Another way is to enter the customer name plus the full company name in the search bar to search. Because we don't know whether this customer uses the last name or the first name as the prefix when naming the mailbox, so when searching, we can treat the last name and first name as two keywords separately. Taking the name of the company and customer above as an example, enter John | William Marmiro Stones Inc. According to the specific information, if the company name is incomplete, you can use Google's wildcard (*) to replace a whole word; if you only know the name of the customer's abbreviation, you can also use the wildcard to replace the missing full name. In such search results, some company homepages, social media platform homepages and other pages may appear, and then we will further filter out the web pages containing the names of people, companies, and mailboxes.

If after entering the above keyword search, we find that there is not much email information in the search results, we can also add email after the search keyword to search directly to find the email address. Customers who find social media information can also establish initial contact directly on the corresponding social media platform.

Company domain name + customer name
Suppose we only know the company domain name and customer name of the potential target company, how to get the customer's email information?

Because Google's search is a dynamic result, it changes with the changes of the keywords you enter, so it is recommended not to put all the known keywords at once, so that the listed search conditions are limited, Instead, it is easy to fail to find the matching and desired content. Normal search should be step-by-step, by trying to add known conditions, keywords, and based on the feedback of the search results to constantly adjust the search terms and search direction.

We can first enter the company domain name directly in the search bar, and try to search with email keywords. Then in the same way, combine the company domain name and customer name to guess the customer's email address. If these keywords still can't help us find the customer's mailbox, then combine the keywords of the SNS social media platform to search, for example, facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. If you still can't find it at the end, you can find the phone number on the company's official website and establish contact directly by phone.

Because the known customer name is not necessarily the company responsible for purchasing, we can use social media mailbox collection tools to automatically search the mainstream search engines and social media of the entire network, and dig deep into the company's key person mailboxes, positions and social accounts with one click. Dig deep into employee contact information, including employee name, company title, email address, and social account. For example, contact mailboxes for key positions such as purchasing, sales managers, and CEOs.

In short, the email search of the potential target company needs to combine the search engine and acquisition tools to help us find accurate, matching and effective email information of customers based on the information we know and the content we are trying to obtain.

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