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When we use the Google search engine to develop our customers, what keywords can be entered in the search bar that will quickly help us search for potential target companies?

In the search process, we often have some new keywords in the search results, so before we determine our search plan, we can first accumulate some keywords of our product class, categories, keywords in application fields, And clarify your search purpose and ideas, what type of company you want to find, which keywords to use to search...

There are many ways to Google search, such as when entering keywords, combination of product relationship words, customer type, search instructions, company name suffix and so on. However, before searching, we need to analyze what kind of customers our products are suitable for, because our products may not be suitable for all types of customers in the supply chain.

For example, like disposable masks, because this product is in high demand, and its low value and small size, suitable for B2B. Therefore, in the supply chain, the cooperative customer is usually a distribution-oriented customer. If it is sold to the end customer, unless it is a special functional mask and the product has high added value, the general order purchase volume will not be particularly large, and the corresponding profit may be relatively low.

Compared with products with large volume and high amount of money, such as medical devices, assuming that foreign end customers or specialized supply companies of service end customers purchase a batch of medical equipment, the profit is very large and it is more suitable for B2C. In this case, it may not be necessary to use product words to combine keywords, directly according to the specific needs of the end customer.

After selecting a suitable and desired customer type based on our products, we search through some of the search methods mentioned above and find that new keywords appear in the search results, many of which are based on the input of known keywords. Basic, expanded, and extended keywords, many of which are prefixes that modify keywords. For example, search for LED lights, the search results may appear prefixes such as outdoor, bedroom, traditional, etc. that modify product functions, types, and usage scenarios. How should we search at this time?

It is recommended to determine which market to develop in advance, because in different markets, company name suffixes in different countries have certain characteristics. For example, the US company suffix name is usually Inc, LLC, the UK company suffix name is usually PLC, etc. This can be used as a qualification for us to quickly find the counterpart market and potential target customers.

In addition, we do not know what word the company uses as the prefix, which may be the company brand, product style, etc., so you can add the Google wildcard (*) instead of the prefix to do a full-word search when searching. Directly add the product name, category, industry name, and then combine the company name suffix to search.

Taking LED lights as an example, enter * led lights lnc | LLC in the Google search bar to search.

Click to open the homepage of one of the companies' websites.

This combined keyword search method can indeed find matching potential target companies. Of course, we also need to adjust the search terms based on the feedback of the search results.

Assuming that the combined search effect of product keywords is not good, and if there are few companies found, you can combine industry keywords to search. Because companies that make products such as LED Lights do not necessarily use LED Lights to name them. Many companies that specialize in various types of lighting equipment will also be named after category words and industry words such as lighting, Furniture, and Leds. In this case, we need to exchange and combine different search terms for retrieval.

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