What are the preparations we need to make in advance for phone development customers?

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In many cases, we develop potential customers, fail to find the email information of key people, and only find the contact number on the official website of the target company. Many foreign traders find it difficult to make cross-ocean calls to foreign customers in order to establish contact with each other or obtain key person email addresses. In most cases, it will be rejected as a sales call. So what are the preparations we need to make in advance for phone development customers?

Customer company background check
Before calling customers, we first need to do some background checks on customers who are developing. About the specific situation of this company, including the company's website domain name, registration information, development stage, brand products, etc., in recent years, which new products have been added, which goods are mainly purchased, and make some simple analysis on what changes have been made to the company's website. You can also use the Google search engine to find the domain name of the target company's website and obtain the contact information of the other party's mailbox.

In addition, before making a call, you can go to social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to see if you can find information such as purchasers, sales managers, and executives, including the names and positions of key people. Because we did some research in advance, so that when we call, we can easily establish a preliminary contact with the key position person, or the purchaser's email contact.

Simulation of customer communication
Before calling overseas customers, it is advisable to simulate the communication process with customers, how to introduce themselves, what questions will be asked by customers, how to answer yourself, and which questions are more sensitive Wait for the content of a process.

Because we are non-native English speakers, barrier-free communication with customers requires a relatively long period of time. For foreign traders who do not speak English well in a short period of time, it is inevitable that in the process of communicating with customers, they will not understand or understand Connections, harsh tone, and reversed order of words are not understood by customers. In this way, in the short few minutes of telephone communication, we will inevitably leave the impression of unprofessional and unskilled business. Compared with email development, email can be templated or modified repeatedly, and a few minutes of communication on the phone is the key to whether you can establish a preliminary contact with the customer.

Therefore, foreign trade friends with poor spoken English can privately conduct simulated conversations with skilled colleagues, constantly optimize their own words, properly analyze and summarize some common problems, and try to make them communicate with overseas customers as smooth as possible. Easily express the information and content you want to pass on to customers.

Telephone recording of customer communication
In fact, every phone call that communicates with customers has a lot of communication details. During the call, it may be due to tension and other problems, and ignore some of the minutiae messages conveyed by some customers. At this time, we need to record the content of the entire call when communicating with the customer, and then finish the call and recheck. Listen to whether there are any loopholes or deficiencies when expressing, and how to improve it next time; whether some customers have expressed details that they have not noticed, etc., so that we can improve our ability to communicate through each call, Accurately deliver the information you want to pass to customers.

The above is the preparation work we need to do before developing foreign trade customers on the phone. Only in this way can we quickly establish contact with customers in just a few minutes of calls, or secondly, go to the key person's mailbox information.

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