Amazon conversion rate is low, how to improve?

2021-11-12|58 views|Development skills

The epidemic has prompted changes in people's consumption habits, and more and more people choose to shop online. Foreign trade factories also seized this opportunity to switch to cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. But when they settled in, they quickly discovered the problem that although there was traffic but no orders. What is the reason for this? 

First of all, we should learn the user's shopping process, which is generally like this: searching for product keywords, browsing search results, clicking on the corresponding product, viewing product pictures and details,adding to the shopping cart, and ending the payment.

 From the above, we know most users search by product keywords and choose to click through the initial impression. This initial impression may be through the title, picture, price, number of reviews,, rating stars, etc.

 This information determines if our click desire is strong. but when this information is displayed with other competitors, there will be a process of comparison. Therefore, attracting users to click is the first step to achieve success.

 Now you should know how to optimize, right? Attract initial clicks from customers by optimizing images, headlines, pricing, Best Seller tags, and so on.

 After the customer clicks on our product and enters the product home page, the customer will see the main picture, sub-picture, video, style, bullet points, reviews and star rating, QA, A+ page, etc.

You should know why users click in first. Users who click in have a preliminary interest in our products and want to know more about them. At this time, if your product information is very detailed and complete in line with the user's preferences, the user will pay at your store high probability. 

Note: most users will choose to enlarge the main image to see the details of the product, so it is recommended to use high-definition images in the above image.

Most users have the habit of putting satisfactory products in their shopping carts. In fact, users usually put several p

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