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Liu has received an inquiry recently, and the Europe customer asked her whether she has the CE certificate after Liu made the quotation. Liu has to ask her supplier to provide the CE certificate since she is a SOHO, without the related certificate. But Liu was worried that if her customer would place an order from her factory directly after providing the CE certificate. What should Liu do?

In fact, most SOHO and trade sales concern that their customers will cooperate with factory directly after asking about certificate or factory information. But what are you worried about?

The customers make a purchase abroad but you are secretive about the certificate or factory information, which reflects you are a freshman without any experience. The more you care your customers contacting the factory directly, the more possibility you will lose this customer.

Sometimes there is some factories do not have the certificate either so that you cannot provide it in a short time. You should think about what your customers may ask instead of worrying customers defection.

Here is my opinion to such customers.

First, I will figure out it is the local compulsory certification for customs clearance or the customers need to verify the product quality by certificate.

If the certificate is compulsorily needed for customs clearance, I will share the cooperated factory's name, address and invite them to visit. It conveys an idea to our customer that there is the advantage of our price, quality and delivery time because we have the factory as support. When your customers visit the factory, they will feel manufacture and trading is integrated.

There is different strategy at different period if your customers are anxious about your products quality.

Customers who are negotiating the order
If Liu's customer needs the certificate which is necessary condition to enter the Europe, we can say: Sure. CE markings are placed on our products. And we will issue CE certificate for your custom clearance.

If your customer insists to see the certificate, we can provide it but erase the factory name and code information.

Customer who has placed the order.

We can be backup the factory's certificate via the third-party authority, regarding our company's name as title.

Such kind of certificate can all be backup with the certificate holder permissions for a rainy day, and the cost will be lower.

Customer with less order.

If the number of orders is small, it is not worth to make a certificate. But we can provide the certificate of the cooperated or well-connected factory. And if your customer has the doubts, we can explain as: We have products tested and certificated in the name of our factory. Factory name registered is for local audit. And we use current company name for trading; or (for foreign exchange). We are all in one.

Most customers will accept such explanation.

There is more situation that:

The customer inquires to the factory after getting the certificate.

It is normal that your customers make inquiry to the factory after getting the certificate. Inquiring in multi channels means he really wants to purchase the products. It is more easily to lost the customer if you don't provide the product certificate or the factory information. 

What should you do at this time?

Gain your customer's full recognition via your professional and effective service. The customers choose the most suitable and reliable channel, not the cheapest.

The extra price higher than factory's is your added-value service, which is created by yourself.

Products with the guaranteed quality but without certificate cause the customer's doubts.

For example, it nearly costs ten thousand for the CSA certificate, so some factories do not apply the certificate but its quality can satisfy customer's demand, how to retain such customers?

1.We can say: Previously, a customer also requested the same test report, and since they arranged the test at their own expense, the report did not have any backup.

If your customers still insist to see the certificate, here is the two examples for your reference.

2.Share the certification cost together. For example, if the fee of the certificate is 4000USD, your customer and you can share 2000USD each other, but 200USD can be deducted if your customer places the order next time, which means the whole certificate cost will be borne by you if your customers place 10 orders in the future. It is not for sure of reorder, but it is a good way to keep a customer.

3. We can analyze customer's financial ability according to the communication and customer's background. If the order is large and the profit is considerable, we can ask our customer to pay for the certification cost in advance and we provide the certificate for his confirmation. The cost can be deducted when he places the order.

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