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In the process of customer development, it is very important to write a perfect development letter, but it is more important to find the right customer and the key person. Otherwise no matter how many emails you send are invalid.

So how can we find their email addresses?I'll share some ways to find hidden emails in minutes.
First, Find a buyer
First find buyers that have demand for your products, which are also called potential customers.
We can get buyer list through foreign trade platforms, social networks, search engines, Google maps, yellow pages, directories, customs data, exhibition websites, associations, government agencies and other related channels. We may obtain the company name, phone number, and company website. If it is hard for you, it is recommended to use a tool to get more results with less effort.
Take customs data to search for "Master batch"  as an example, you can directly query the corresponding relevant buyers.

Collect the email of the buyer's decision-maker
There are two search methods to find the buyer's email
1. Website collection: When we find a customer's website, we first need to access the customer's official website. Many official websites will announce the name of the boss or person in charge, and if you are lucky, you will also directly find out the email address.
2. Search engine collection: Generally, the email of the person in charge is XX name + enterprise email suffix. If the official website is not found, we will use the search engine or social network to search for the name of the person in charge. The keyword can be XX company + owner or director or Buyer, etc., try to use different positions to search. If the name of the person in charge is found, we can perform email collection for the person in charge.
The most direct method is to search with the name of the person in charge + the business email suffix or other known information on Google. The following descriptions can be used:
firstName lastName + email 
firstName lastName + contact 
(PersonalWebsiteURL)+ email site:(domain.com):“firstName lastName”
For some tiers of customers, it may not yield any results, but it's fine to try it out. After all, you never know when you'll be lucky. Plus, it doesn't cost anything and doesn't take up much of your time.
The information of such emails will also appear directly in the contact information column of the customs data, which can be obtained directly through the customs data.

Guess the buyer's email
If it is not found, we can use the email guessing method again. We can observe the naming rules of the company's employees and make guesses about the email. The so-called guess is actually to make different combinations of the surname and first name of the person in charge, and then find a way to verify whether it is correct.
1. Person/company name + LinkedIn digging key person email
LinkedIn is a very good channel, you can directly find the name of the person in the relevant position, and it is much easier to find the contact information after having the name. You can also directly go to the customer's official Facebook page and send a message to ask the buyer's email address. The test is effective. .
Open LinkedIn and search for "person's name at xx company", and you may find "this person's LinkedIn homepage" to see if his position is "manager"; if so, then we can be sure that this person is the key person in charge. This email is also the right one of the key person in charge, and you can send the development letter later. Email value ranking: Buyer, Purchasing manager > CEO, President, VP > Info > Marketing director, sale VP, project... Generally, Purchasing manager President works best.

2. Company website +email collection tool to dig the emails of key persons
With the development of big data technology, email collection tools are becoming more and more mature. By entering the "buyer website domain name" query, you can get a lot of email lists related to the company. After collecting emails through this tool, analyze these emails to find the emails that start with the names of the people or start with the purchasing mentioned above. These are the emails of the key persons.
Verify buyer email
In order to reduce the time cost, we have to make sure to find the right person and confirm whether the contact has changed on SNS or IM. If it's been confirmed before, congratulations on finding the door to developing clients!
You can also use a tool called Eamil Checker. It can scan email addresses in over 17 different ways to confirm they are accurate. And you only need to enter the customer's name and company, it can display if it is the correct email address.
There's no harm in double-checking. After checking with the Email Checker tool, you can also use several other tools to verify the email.
a. verify-email.org 
The mechanism for verifying the scanning of the other party's mail server is relatively high. But only 5 email addresses can be verified per day.
b. mailtester.com 
The mechanism for verifying and scanning the other party's mail server is a bit low. In short, the method is "direct and rude". Sometimes the other party's mail server refuses to scan it, and a dark yellow prompt will appear: Server doesn't allow e-mail address verification . But that doesn't mean the email address doesn't exist. At this time, refer to the results of other verification tools. The advantage is that there is no limit to the number of verifications.
c. verifyemailaddress.org 
The mechanism for verifying the scanning of the other party's mail server is relatively high. There are no obvious downsides.
d. If the target customer has a Google+ account

entering his email will show the Google+ account associated with that email. This confirms that this is a valid email address, so you can click "Send".
Of course, there are still many methods that we can flexibly apply to quickly find the precise email address of customers. As the hierarchy of the client company's system increases, it becomes more difficult to find target customers. But by trying the above search methods, I believe that no matter what position the other party is in the company, you will not have a hard time finding their email address.

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