What kind of development letter can attract the attention of customers?

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There is a saying that foreign trade is gold in September and silver in October. It can be seen that September is a very important month for the expansion of foreign trade business. In this month, the daily sending and receiving of emails will become more frequent. In this case, many salesmen will choose to use email templates.

Although templates can solve the efficiency of sending emails, we cannot guarantee the quality of email content in many cases. Let's take a look at this development letter template that I found online:
Hello XXX
How are you?
We know your company from the internet and we know that your market is in the LED lighting field in Poland.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products, this is XXX from ABC company, we are one of the largest manufacturer in this field in China, I hope to cooperate with your company.
Please allow me to introduce our products to you, we have many items such as LED lamps, outdoors and indoors bulbs and LED strip. We have much experience in this field. I will give you more details about our products if you are interested in them.
We will offer you the best price and quality, please go to our website for more details, www.***.com
We look forward to your specific enquiries and hope to have the opportunity to work together with you in the future.
Best Regards
This development letter is a classic template, but it still has the following problems:
1. In the second paragraph, there is a sentence that uses "from the internet", which will make customers feel disrespected and harassed.
2. The third paragraph is an introduction of the company, but the content of the expression is general. Some are self-proclaimed, and there is no strong data to support the "bragging".
3. The description in the fourth paragraph is too vague, and the feeling it brings to customers is not strong.
4. In the development letter stage, it is best not to add a URL.
Even if such a development letter is sent, I believe it will be difficult to achieve the purpose of developing customers. We can make a few changes to this email.

After modification:
Dear XXX
Hoping this email finds you well.
We know your company is in the LED market from our customer data as the main distributor in European market.
We are specializing in LED lighting since 2008, our factory has the production capacity of 20000pcs bulbs with CE, Rohs every month, and the new items will be pushed every week from our ODM department.
Please contact me for any further information, free samples would be sent to you in our promotion seasons now.
Have a nice day!
Best Regards
The revised email is obviously more concise, and the content is still simple. In the actual email sent to the customer, you can add some detailed content for a specific product.
In many cases, an important criterion for judging the quality of an email is whether it can impress customers. If we write what we do, how big we are, how good the quality, and how cheap we are like a running account, I have a hard time believing that customers will have the desire to reply to such emails.
You must know that in the information age, what we don't lack is information, and what is most lacking is the attention of customers. A good email grabs the customer's interest and attention from the title. What is the customer's problem and what can we solve or bring to them are the key aspect of writing a development letter.
When your email can point to the customer's problem and coincide with their idea, you are likely to attract the customer's attention and obtain the customer's reply. Once we establish a stable contact with customers, we can get orders within a short time.

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