3 Customer Development Tools That Foreign Traders Can't Miss

2022-09-16|86 views|Development skills

Foreign trade business is a job with many tasks and high repetitiveness. If you don't know how to use tools at work, you will waste a lot of time. Today, the editor will share several tools,hoping to save time and improve development efficiency for you.
tem 1: Email Tracking Tool
We all want to track the opening and reading of emails that have been sent. This type of function is generally the selling point of major mail service providers, and you need to buy their service if you want to use it.
If you don't want to buy their service and still want to use this feature, you can use this extension for "mailtrack". We only need to install it and log in with Gmail, which is very convenient.

This tool can not only count the number of emails we send every day, but also check the open rate of emails. If there is a link in the email, you can also check the click-through rate of the link. You can explore the  functions by yourself.
Note: When we are writing emails to customers, the system will pop up a reminder of Sent with Mailtrack, remember to close it. If you don't close it, so that the customer will know that you are tracking his emails.
Item 2: Email Collection Tool
Sending development letters is done every day, thus the customer's email number is essential. There are many related tutorials on the Internet to get them, so I won't mention them here.
The tool I shared today is the one that I have used and felt it has the best effect so far, which is called Norbert. It is simple to be used and we only need to enter the company website and employee name. Then we can check his mailbox. Click the copy button to copy the mailbox. After the mailbox is copied, do not use it directly. We also need to verify the obtained mailbox. The mailbox verification tool has been shown before.
Note: This tool can query 50 free of charge per month. If the mailbox is not queried, the tool will not deduct the quota.

Item 3: Telephone User Query Tool
This is a tool that can look up the user name and the user's region by phone. What does this do? We can assume a scenario. Recently, you received an inquiry from an American customer named Tom. You are not sure whether the customer is a real one. At this time, you can use this tool to query the number to find out whether the customer is real  or not.
Also, sometimes we want to send express to customers, we need to know the city name of the customer. Sometimes the address given by the customer to us does not write the city name, we can try to use his phone to find out their city name. Of course, this tool has other functions, you can try it by yourself.

Today, I share these 3 free and easy-to-use practical gadgets for the time being. If you like it, I will take time to share more foreign trade practical tools.
Practice brings true knowledge.

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