How does the salesperson respond when the customers bargain?

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No matter whether it is foreign trade or domestic trade, customers will always haggle in the negotiation. In the face of customer bargaining, many salesmen will choose to cut prices to keep customers. But when we drop the price again and again, the customer still thinks our offer is high. Are we going to cut prices again?

In this article, we will discuss it. Since there are many reasons for customers to bargain, this article only analyzes a few common situations. If you have a different point of view, please correct me.
First: unfounded bargaining
This kind of bargaining is the most speechless and angry. A common problem with these types of customers is that they start haggling without talking about anything.
For this type of customer, my usual response is to "ignore it". Of course, I don't ignore it completely, but I don't bother with the price. I can first guide the customer to discuss other matters, such as product specifications, materials, and packaging, etc. Of course, the reply should be as tactful as possible to avoid angering the customer. There are two ways to deal with it:
1. Tell the customer that the price can be adjusted according to the purchase quantity. The advantage of this is that it not only rejects the customer's request for price reduction, but also asks the customer's purchase volume. Of course, you can also reply to the customer by setting the price range and purchasing range. Different ranges correspond to different prices. If the customer wants a low price, they will purchase the corresponding quantity of products.
2. Ask the customer why they think the price is high, and what basis is there? Have you purchased this type of product before, and if so, what is the price? This way of asking is used to judge the customer's purchasing intention. At the same time, the questions asked should focus on the product as much as possible, and step by step to instill the advantages of the product to the customer.
Second: reasonable bargaining with evidence
If a customer explicitly points out that your prices are higher than others, or even shows you the prices of other peers, then you need to take it seriously.
For such customers, we must conduct self-analysis to understand the level of our products in the same market and the pricing of our peers first. In this way, even if we finally choose to reduce the price, we can control an appropriate range. My usual coping strategies for this type of price reduction request are:
1. If the price is really unreasonable, we can tell the customer that the initial quotation is based on the minimum purchase quantity. Based on mutual sincerity, a new step-by-step offer is provided. After this explanation, the customer will naturally understand the reason for the higher initial quotation.
2. If the price is reasonable, then we do not have to reduce the price to obtain customer orders. When communicating, we can focus on showing the advantages of our products, indicating that our product quality and price are matched. In this way, even if the cooperation cannot be reached temporarily, it will leave a deep impression on the customers. A prerequisite for this is that the salesperson must have a clear understanding of their own products and peer products.
Third: bargaining at an important stage

When the customer has approved your product, the negotiation enters the price confirmation stage. Usually at this time, the customer will make the last price bargain, which requires us to reserve a part of the price reduction space in the early stage of customer bargaining.
It is relatively simple to deal with such customers, which is to let customers know more about your cooperation sincerity. For example: considering the sincerity of both parties, agree to give the most favorable price and the price for direct cooperation, and also hope that the other party will show sincerity, when will you plan to purchase?
If there is really no price reduction for our products, then we can set a price period for the quotation to appropriately increase the urgency of customers and force them to place orders as soon as possible.
In short, price reduction is never our means of acquiring customers. For long-term cooperation, excellent product quality is the foundation.

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