Old customers no longer place orders, do you know why?

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As a foreign trade salesman, I prefer to cooperate with old customers. Because there has been cooperation before, it can save a lot of time to cooperate with old customers. At the same time, in cooperation with old customers, if there is no major change in the market, old customers are generally stable in placing orders.

But we may find that some customers who have been cooperating steadily for a long time, but suddenly lose news. Or the customers clearly agreed to continue cooperation in the future, but there is no following.
What's wrong? How to solve it? In this issue, we will discuss this topic with you.
The think that customers do not place orders for the following reasons:
1. Political factors
For example, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, social unrest will seriously affect trade cooperation; another example is India, in order to curb inflation and ensure food safety, India has imposed export controls on rice, which will also affect local imports. In addition, exchange rates and tariffs will also affect the customer's order.
2. Customers find better suppliers
While we are developing customers, other competitors are also developing our customers through various channels. As a result, customers hands many supplier resources. If another supplier provides with better products and lower prices, there is no reason for the customer not to place an order with it.
3. There was an irreparable error in the previous order
For example: serious product quality problems, quantity shortages, etc., which cause customers to have lingering fears when they place an order again. But if we can appease and solve it as soon as possible, and I believe that customers will not care too much about a mistake.
4. Can not meet the needs of customers
For example, when customers have customized requirements for products or packaging, we cannot provide corresponding solutions. Another example is that when a customer proposes a new payment plan and we cannot meet it, it may also cause the customer not to place the order.
If the customer is unable to place the order because of national conditions, we must know how to put others first. Make customers feel that you are reliable and trustworthy, which will increase the chance of placing the order.
For example: when we learn from the news that there is an earthquake in the customer's area, we can say.

Sorry to hear that there was an earthquake in your area. How is everything with you now? Stay safe and take good care. My best regards to you and your family. 
If a client is sick, we can say: Sorry to hear that. Take good care my friend and rest more. Hope you get better soon.
If our products are no problem and the target customer market has no change, but customers suddenly stop placing orders, many times what you think is sudden is actually a foreboding. These signs may be in the form of slowly decreasing orders or nitpicking on products, etc. If we encounter such a situation, we must follow up as soon as possible. What should we do?
1. For orders that have been placed, we can send a follow-up email to the customer: Kindly note that the goods will soon arrive at XXX port . Please proceed with the relevant clearance procedures and pick up the goods accordingly. Any help you need from us, please let us know.
2. The customer has been receiving the goods for a period of time, and follow-up at this time is also necessary. In this follow-up email, I mainly ask for comments and suggestions on the goods or market feedback after the goods are put on the shelves.
3. If you have not been in contact with the customer for a long time, following up at this time is to get closer to the them, and the expression should be euphemistic. For example, you can use names like my friend to get closer, and I hear business in Africa is picking up nicely these days. How is yours?
4. If we have new products online or at the exhibition, we can also contact customers.
5. Daily festive blessings are also necessary.
6. If we have customers' social media account, we can like and interact frequently.
All of these help us maintain our customers. If the customer is well maintained, placing order will naturally come.

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