How to use Instagram to develop customers?

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Instagram,with more than 1 billion users monthly activity, has hundreds of millions of users sharing their lives on Instagram every day, which is one of the most popular social media today. It has attracted many business leaders, including many foreign trade leaders.

How do the big guys quickly gather fans through Instagram marketing to achieve a big order? Here are three simple techniques to help sellers successfully achieve ins marketing.
Use tools to improve efficiency

1.Set scheduled publishing
In order to make your followers sticky, it is necessary to update the content on a daily basis. The work of foreign trade is usually busy, in order to make the content constantly, it is necessary to use some tools to assist, such as: Lategramme. We can use the tool to set the release time. Until the set time the content will be automatically released.
2.Specify fan interaction time
Since Instagram is positioned as a social media, it is crucial to reply to your followers' comments, retweets and private messages on a daily basis. However, it is not for you to reply to messages as they come in. Sellers can set a time slot dedicated to replying to messages, and only reply during the set time each day.
When we get a certain amount of orders at ins, we need to assign a few dedicated customer service for pre-sales and after-sales service in order to make the customer experience better.
Hooking up fans to buy
After accumulating a certain amount of followers' attention and engagement on Instagram,we need to sort out the whole process from users' attention to order, to see which links can be optimized and which links can be shed, so as to improve the conversion rate of followers.
If the seller is selling a single product, he or she can add a link to that product directly on the Instagram profile page. However, the link should be accompanied by text that is convincing enough to attract customers to click on it.
If sellers have their own standalone site stores, they can use Instagram's location feature to remind fans to click on the link to enter the store through their homepage.
Although Instagram can do marketing through pictures, after all, the main focus of the platform is social. If the content posted is too obviously marketing, it will only cause customers to resent. To reduce customer resentment and achieve the purpose of marketing, the creativity of images is particularly critical. Below are a few examples.
Nike's reputation for publishing lifestyle content is positively associated with its brand - a great media marketing strategy - is another way to showcase the lifestyle and culture of young people around its products.

Adidas' products and the recent "hot" World Cup closely combined, can leave a deep impact on fans.

Inspire fans to create
The advantage of social platforms is that by providing artistic and inspiring activities for your target audience. Make your fans feel cared for, thus creating a community with automatically produced content. So how do you do it?

1.Share behind-the-scenes work
For example, if you are selling oil paintings on Instagram, then you can share halfway through the painting or some small eggs in the painting and so on. In this way, you can establish an emotional connection with your fans and make them feel your attention.
2.Post fan-created content
Share pictures of fans showcasing products. This not only creates a grounded and human brand image, but also mobilizes customer emotions, thus increasing fan conversion rates.

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