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In foreign trade work, in addition to developing and following up with clients, there is also the need to assist clients in inspecting goods and supervising factory production. While computers are our primary tools, smartphones are also frequently used in our daily work.
You may have installed many foreign trade tools on your computer, but on your phone, you've only installed WhatsApp. This is far from sufficient for our foreign trade business. In this edition, we've compiled some foreign trade tools that you can use on your smartphone, hoping to help you improve your work efficiency.
Online Language Tools

Grammarly is a professional online grammar correction and proofreading tool, which is one of the tools I use frequently. While Grammarly offers paid features, the free version can still evaluate your spelling and grammar issues, enhancing the fluency of your writing.

Acronym Finder
In foreign trade work, we often come across numerous abbreviations, such as AMS, CAF, EBS, and more. Acronym Finder is an abbreviation lookup tool and also the world's most authoritative abbreviation lookup website, specifically designed to look up various abbreviations, thus improving our work efficiency.

Online Document Format Conversion

Previously, we shared Convertio for desktop use. However, on the smartphone, you shouldn't miss Ilovepdf. It's a completely free PDF file management tool that includes all PDF editing features, such as merging, splitting, compressing, and converting.This tool doesn't require installation; you can simply click to use it, making it very convenient.

It's similar to the previous tool, but in addition to the mentioned functions, this tool can also compress images and GIF animations. It's not only suitable for desktop use but can also be used on your smartphone. It doesn't require downloading or logging in, offering an excellent user experience.

Online Image Processing Tools

IloveIMG is a comprehensive tool for batch image editing, and it's officially permanent free. Therefore, you can use it with confidence, and its features are very rich, including image compression, resizing, cropping, adding watermarks, and more.

App Tools
Simple Exchange Rate

As foreign trade practitioners, we often need to provide quotes to clients in various countries, so a currency exchange rate tool is essential. If you need a simple and straightforward currency conversion tool, then Simple Exchange Rate is the tool you need. It not only eliminates the hassle of logging in but is also free. Even if you don't know the currency names or country abbreviations, you don't need to worry.

Scanner Master
Some features of this tool require payment, but new users can try it for free for 7 days. This tool can be used to scan contracts and documents, generating high-quality scans.

If you are used to using similar tools on your computer, then you must not miss the "White Cat Web Version." It's similar to the aforementioned tools but completely free, and the presentation is also outstanding. It's one of the tools I frequently use.

Business Card Master
In daily life and social interactions, we usually use Facebook to connect with others. However, for foreign trade practitioners, business cards are still an important way to establish contact with clients. Many foreign buyers still have the habit of using paper business cards, especially at trade shows where you receive and give out many business cards. Carrying a large number of business cards is not very convenient, so many foreign trade professionals choose to install a business card scanning app on their smartphones. Business Card Master is one such software.

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