The 6 foreign trade tools that we regret meeting too late

2023-11-10|72 views|Development skills

The daily work of foreign trade is inherently complex, and if we does not know how to use efficient tools to assist us in the work, it would waste a lot of time. Today, I will share six tools that can improve customer development efficiency, hoping they will help you achieve more with less effort.
1. Temporary Email Tool
For websites for temporary using, we can use temporary email to register without exposing our real email. Additionally, when receiving inquiry emails with attachments from buyers, temporary email can be used to effectively mitigate risks. This kind of temporary email, used to temporarily receive emails, is also known as disposable email, and the validity period can be selected as 10 minutes or 24 hours.

2. Verify-Email
When foreign trade professionals receive inquiry emails from overseas customers, they often have doubts about the authenticity of the email. Verify-Email can help you with this; it can connect to the recipient's mail server, check if the email exists, and help us eliminate some invalid email addresses. Using this tool before sending development emails can significantly improve development efficiency.

3. HubSpot
An outstanding email signature can comprehensively showcase your personal image, leaving a good impression of professionalism and attention to detail on your clients. In the early stages of sales contact with clients, the first impression is crucial, so these details cannot be overlooked.

If your company does not have a unified design or requirement for email signatures, this tool can definitely help you, with various templates for you to choose and customize.
4. Global Currency Converter
As a foreign trade professional, how can you not pay attention to exchange rates? Even if you have knowledge about it, it's difficult to make quick and accurate conversions. This tool can solve this problem, allowing you to quickly understand and calculate global exchange rates.

5. Unit Conversion Tool
The foreign trade industry involves various units of measurement, and the conversion between units is not simple. This tool can help you; it includes conversions for weight, length, area, volume, temperature, and more. It's easy to use, with fast conversion speed, providing great convenience for foreign trade work.

6. Time Zone Tool
To stay synchronized with the working and resting times of clients, foreign trade professionals need to be aware of the time in the cities where their overseas clients are located. This tool can help foreign trade professionals quickly check time differences, improving the timeliness of development and follow-up work.

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