How to penetrate and prevent the false inquiry

Release time: 2017-08-15 22:16:02

When customers inquiry online or call for some consultation , sometimes they just want to deliberately cheat out your product  price.Maybe They were the supplier counterparts, or maybe they had identified the partners, just needed to parity. In online trade, the followings are customers' ordinary way to inquiry and how can we judge and penetrate the cheating?

When someone find interesting business information or company, they will directly fill in the "inquiry form ", and "send it". 
it’s very important to carefully check the "inquiry" before quoting . Check whether the information is complete, reliable and the inquiry product specifications, models and other information are professional and detailed or not . If the information is simple or vague, it is suspicious inquiries, you can reply or ignored it . For example: "there is no problem to send goods, but the customers must pay first ; do not provide samples, but customers can pay the sample fee and transportation fee to buy samples......".

When customers inquiry, don't quote immediately. 
Ask for details, product requirements, trading mode etc.. If the customers are not willing to tell the details and requirements about the product they need , you must be careful about being cheated. Gain a detailed understanding of the other basic information, view the "network", "name card" and "company introduction to archives", get the latest information of the customer. If the information is incomplete, simple or suspicious, you must be careful to judge .You can also try to further inquire into each other, or ask to have a direct telephone or face-to-face meeting. Request the customers to send the scan pictures of company registration, business license or inquiry forms. 

When customers send the inquiry forms ,Some of them will choose "mobile phone SMS" to inquiry ,send quotation or inquiry content directly, or remind inquiry view through text messages. 
In this case, you shouldn't blindly quote but get in touch with each other, ask details about the situation, or check the customers' information or inquiry contents carefully .Besides, you can understand the customers' requirements and get ready and judging for the quotation. If the other information and demand is simple and you can't connect with them , it means this is a false inquiry .

Call, E-mail or fax inquiry directly . 
If the customers only inquiry through the telephone and do not provide written quotations or company information,you can avoid or offer virtual quotation . Some of the cheater will print inquiry farmat ,  fill in your company name , product name, and then widely disseminated, extensive cultivation, guide you fooled. If you see the fax inquiry, do not have illusions, throw it into the wastebasket immediately!

To sum up, judging whether it is a true inquiry or not , the most important thing is to verify the identity. In addition to the above methods, we can also:
Ask customers to fax company information, company business license, and pay attention to the letter of the company in the fax. Search from online company library, find and browse the customers' company introduction,and know detailed information about each other. If the customers are "integrity buyers ", you can log in their  "enterprise procurement website", check "integrity", see file authentication.