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Note > Your altitude to customers decides your performance

Your altitude to customers decides your performance

Time:2017-09-06 09:52:56

Customer is god and we have substance “customer first “.But it doesn't mean that the clerks must succumb to customers unconditional.For customers,what’s customers really want is not your obey,but your professional altitude as salesmen.It is not only the way to make customers see and feel,but also the key to impact whether customers are willing to have a long-term cooperation with us. Looking at yourself,and checking whether the following mistakes happened before.

We have operate with the customers and will contact after ordering.
The cost of developing a new customer is 6 times more than maintaining an old one .but the salesmen are easy to fall into a misunderstanding.they only do kick forward and develop new customers ,but they don't know how to maintain old customers and think customers will contact you to order when they need.In fact,there are so many people consist to introduce their products as you’ve done before. Is it your special product which makes customers choose to cooperate with you?No,i don't think so.In a competitive environment,the customers will be tempted by hundreds of our competition every day .You should think carefully about What makes your customers remember you and your advantages.

Cooperate is mutual,both of us hope to receive attention and respect from each other.Don't think that there is no need to pay attention to maintain the customers who we have cooperated before.You ignore the customers,they will forget you,too.

If there is an order,you treat them as customers,if no,you ignore them. The customer need a detail understanding of your products before they become your true customers,even if they are professors in this area.After buying your products,your also need to provide more information as their foundation to sell products.Thus,whether customers cooperate with you or not,you should treat them patiently.The customers who give you question hope you can help them out instead of finding faults.If your altitude treat customers according if there is an order,you will lose not only the potential customer but also your old customers.because most of the time,customers purchase attention will not say it obviously.if you judge easily,you may lose some orders.

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