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Note > Finding the selling point of the product,there is none products difficult to sell

Finding the selling point of the product,there is none products difficult to sell

Time:2017-09-08 17:30:54

Recently,there was an international trade salesman want to change a new job, because he feed his product was difficult to be sold . After understanding his products,I helped him analysis his product and find out the selling point. Some new salesmen will consider product first when they find jobs. They are afraid of choosing product without market or they can’t understand the product which leads products difficult to be sold. As for me, the key whether the products are easy to be sold or not,are not only the products but also the selling point.

Fully understand of your product and find out a selling point Since you have chosen the products, you should be patience to learn and understand them.Following,i will give an example to show it.

First of all,you should know the origin of the products and the characteristics of manufacturer’s city. Both of them are related to the market competitiveness of products. For example,if you sell ceramic tableware produced in Chaozhou,how many Chinese ceramic bases do you know and what characteristics does every base have? As for as I know, Chaozhou ceramics can be divided into art furnishings porcelain, daily-use porcelain and sanitary porcelain. These three kinds of ceramics account for 25%, 60% and 30% of the market share respectively,which the products are exported to more than 160 countries and region in the world. It is not only your big advantages but also the reason to sell your product that Chaozhou daily ceramics exports account 60% of the country. You should be proud of the product you sell first,then it will be easier to sell product.

Secondly, you should understand the manufactures' own strength. If the manufacture is one of the largest enterprises, I’m sure you know how to introduce factory production line,the number of the workers,annual output and the honor they got. But if it is not a big company, you should think carefully about your factory management, quality inspection, customer review rate and your customers, and then choose the good one to introduce it.

Thirdly, The key is products themselves. You should list the quality of your products, performance, etc. It is good that some of your products features are better than others. If you can't think the products advantages themselves,you can find the advantages of materials,such as imported material,natural ,or the beneficial to local people. Besides,you can think of the production process and find the the special of your products.

If you can't find any selling point through above,you should think the value of their existence. The birth of each product always has its existence value,no matter whether it is high or low,big or small. Otherwise,the competitive market has been eliminated. To make the product sell well,you must be confidence in your own product, thus you can get twice the result with half the effort,and then you should find the selling points. This is why the product must be well packaged and planned before it is launched into market in addition its selling points and market.

Positioning the market of your product. Some people sell high-end products to backward countries,and sell low-end products to developed countries to earn more money. Before doing that,you must think carefully whether the products meet the needs of the people in backward countries or not. Even if the backward countries have better conditions,are they willing to spend money,or will they use the products? While the low-end products sold to developed countries, for a long time, customers will know the products are not worth the money even if they are well packaged. This is not a sustainable development way. At this point, you should know which type their products belong and where them appropriate.

This is importance to do market positioning of products. Because the people’s habits and national policies in each country are different,the sales market of products can’t be generalized. For example, Indonesia limit the using of electricity, the electrical appliances which can only be used at high voltage may not be suitable for the local market.

All of the above clearly show the key ,please indicate them in your development letter to let customers can see your advantages immediately when they read. In your daily communication and chat with customers, you should emphasize your selling point to make customers pay more attention on them.

Don't complain that the products are not easy to be sold, explore their selling point and say them out proudly, your orders will come soon.

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