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Note > Sales have turned me from inferiority person to shameless man

Sales have turned me from inferiority person to shameless man

Time:2017-09-30 10:03:10

“The customer I want,unless he doesn't know how to do business .“ The master of story is called Jack who is a international trade top sales. He always talks shamelessly,but he says it is confident. He said if there was no confidence ,he absolutely couldn't be a top sales today. His colleagues don't like him especially,because they feel him poser, but every time he can follow the big name companies well. So his colleagues has no opinion with him.

Sales have turned me from inferiority person to shameless man

Once jack said he was so humble before. His inferiority come from a teacher’s voice “Jack,you actually are a clever boy and can do well in observing teachers' daily behavior and communicating with teachers,but your grades is terrible. It is not impossible to entrance a good universities and success in society.Because of these words, Jack participate in college entrance examination 3 times. In those years, Jack didn't want to see any classmates and friends.He always staid at home and was hurry in reviews and tutorial. but sadly,Jack’s grade become poorer and poorer year by year,finally,he went to a college which he didn't want to go.

However, Jack‘s life began to open up in the year of graduation practice started.

Jack internship in a international trade company after graduation.The company is small so that there is no platform and they have to rely on their own sources.But the boss is very well,he answered his questions patiently and taught him a lot. He taught himself, “there isn't everyone has the chance to ask questions and be taught by boss directly, I must make achievements!”

,he works like mad. There is no platform, he search from Google, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK and each countries' online shopping platform. He did blanket search in anywhere he had opportunities to find customers information,and combined with the major search engines and communicated tools to find key information. He ensured to send out 300 or even more effective development letter which means each letter is independent for every customers ‘ characteristics every day, guaranteed to follow 30 brand customers and activated 10 interested one every week. If he couldn't finish any of them,he would stay in the company just to meet them. In those time,you can find him almost 24 hours every day. He given himself a goal to receive at least one order a week. If it can’t be finished after Friday, he would call hell at two weekend night. He would work all the time even to eat or sleep until finishing it. He said this was life should be.

As time went by, Jack had more and more customers resources ,and some clients even took the initiative to find him. Jack had a minor reputation in this industry. At that time,he began to feel he is a capable and accredited sales.

In fact, being confident need to rely on strength. From then on, Jack become confident because of his profession.

some people said “Jack, you can not even speak well,you are not suitable to a sales. Since there is stable customers, Jack didn't believe in others ‘ evaluation to him and just know once you decide to do,you must do your best,have faith,insist on to finish it.No matter what will the result be,you will become better. It's Jack ‘s shameless confidence.

Why someone is in accumulation of success,but you are in accumulation of failure? Ask yourself.

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