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The first large order of my international trade career

Time:2017-10-09 10:04:55

When I looked back upon the first large order of my international trade career,I still think it's like a dream.

The first large order of my international trade career

It was the first day I went to work after Chinese new year. A stranger added me on WeChat and told me he would take a customer to visit our company. In addition,he told me I can quote higher 10% of the price.I agree with it and not pay attention on it. Suddenly one day, I received the middleman's call which said that he was coming to my company with customers. It's really a big surprise for me and then I was in a hurry to receive the customer.

Except the middleman,there were still 3 persons,one of them was the boss,one was the son of the boss,the other one was an engineer. After visiting our company with customers,I felt they were satisfied with it. Then I display a PPT prepared before to them. It introduced our company briefly and show our advantages was not only equipment producer but also providing all kind of design schemes. The customers were interested in the design schemes showed in PPT. While I suggested we could provide tailor made design plan, they gave me their CAD drawings and ideas . When the talking was over,they went away.

After it,I told designers about clients' requirements. The designers suggested me ask customers for design cost. In fact, I was afraid to ask it and then had a try to tell customers the design will cost ¥2000 and if we made it finally,¥2000 would be apart of the deposit. They asked me why I didn’t tell them in the company.I knew they are highly interested customers when I heard that. I tried my best to tell them I was so excited that I forgot to tell them. A few minutes later, we received customers' $2000 design cost. The last thing was designers worked on design day and night.

When we finished the design,we sent it to customers’ reference and listed them our detail of price. But I only sent a part of our price for customers as a reference. I hoped customers could come our company again before returning their country. I made an appointment with customers in their returning day. The main objective for customers was to bargain. It's weekend,we all were free,but for a big customer it's worth working overtime.

They arrived at 14:00. We told them the design schemes in detail and then provide them the printed quotation. But they didn't see the quotation and asked us to reduced 20% directly. I felt it's impossible to make it.Then we negotiate with each other. I asked boss to determine the price promised,and played psychological tactics. But it couldn't meet customers’ mind finally that they would be hurry in taking a plane. So I could only stare to delivery them away.

I still stared their car and memorized the process we communicated day and night,worked overtime and press design drawings. There were so many difficulties but the customers will leave,I couldn't not help leaving tears.

A miracle happened, the customers took off their car and paid ¥10000 deposit because they saw my tears. I froze and felt I had a dream.

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