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The beginning story of my international trade career

Time:2017-10-12 10:31:38

My story started from a Japanese customer.

The beginning story of my international trade career

At that time,I went to a new company. The first thing I must do was to familiar with the system of company and its products. The probation period was two months and the assessment period was five months. If you didn't receive an order within seven months , you would be dismissed. I found I was the minimum age employees of the company and need to learn all things. So I have to familiar with products every day before the first two months. Some of the products specification need be memorized,so when the time is not enough,I would recite it again and again at night.Most people had no problem at probation period time.

When the five months assessment came, psychological pressure is extremely large. It was not only the assessment of the company but also our own assessment to see if we had the ability to do the job. The old man responsible for the main account of Alibaba assigned sub account to me. After two days familiar with the platform,I began to release product without guide and just comparing with published products. I didn't know what is keywords or windows name at that time. I would also find some mailboxes to send development letters. After a period timer of hard working, I received an reliable inquiry.

Dear xx 
thanks for quick response. 
so, pls offer below in rmb with vat invoice. if price is competitive, we will ask other items, too. 
There are the specification and procurement of required products which can reach MOQ below.Then I quote.

Dear xx 
ok, then,
1) pls advise which date you will visit expo? 
2) samples: 
as we look for so many items, better to send swatches to you first. 
well, before sending, pls advise if you handle belows? 
meantime, pls advise your address in Chinese? 
There lists a lot procurement specifications which we don't often do that varieties.

I knew our company will participate in the exhibition and our boss would take two salesmen to meet old customers but there is no booth. I took a chance to tell the customers we would participate in the exhibition. But I stupidly replied customers we didn't do the list specification of products directly and show our main products. Luckily, the customer said to meet us in exhibition, and let us display samples to them. Then I gave him my contact and I remembered his agent contact in Shanghai.

I received his agent’s call and she hoped to meet each other .I regrettably told her I didn't book the booth and there were also so many orders that I couldn't leave the company,but our boss had been there and if she was glad to meet him. She was very happy and then I gave a call to one clerk beside the boss politely and hoped her to meet the customer. She agreed gladly. After few hours, my boss called me and said they had met the customers who are a Japanese and an agent in Shanghai. He asked me to send an email to the Japanese I connected immediately , tell him we had met each other and the sample they took here were our advantageous products and let him send samples to us so that we could quote. Later,I know this is a family business,the one I communicate by email is their boss.

Then I received samples,quoted,sent samples,played cards and communicated with each other dozens of mails. He was positive and would see and reply my email even at night. So I would communicate with customer by mail after dinner. Although I was tired every day but I was full. When customer asked questions I didn't know or I can't make a decision, I will ask boss for help. Our boss encouraged us to ask question and he open his phone 24hours a day.

After confirm the price and the cards,he finally ordered a single small one.I was not surprised about it,because the order was determined step by step. Thus I finish an order within three months,the pressure reduced and I could stay at the company.

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