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Note > Do you have right methods to urge your client to place an order?

Do you have right methods to urge your client to place an order?

Time:2017-10-24 09:51:09

One of my friend experienced that the customers promised to place an order and pay deposit,but after one week,there was still no order. How should he do to urge the customer to place an order? Today,let's talk about it and find a SOP method to deal with it.

Do you have right methods to urge your client to place an order?

First,emphasis on price rise
You can emphasis “our raw material price is rising,hurry up to buy if you want.” This is just a method but you still need to impress it flexibly,because the customers may ask other domestic counterparts.But if they really question to you,congratulations,because it is a good thing for you.It means your price certainly attract him or is in his consideration, otherwise he will not ask you. If you are asked,you can say it is a market analysis or a forecast you have done.
But this method should be careful to be used. If customers see through,it’s not just lost a client,but also lost credibility.

Second,comparison with others.
Before doing this ,you must know the price of your peers. You should know the ranking of your price in the industry and the product quality of each price. Thus if customers question you that “the price of other company is lower than you” ”your price is not sincere “, or other words,you can take the initiative.Such as “Well, if you want to compare the price,I will help you,our XXX products is with lower prices ,but what's about the quality?I think you don't want that one.
There,we must remember that the price or a lower one we can do should be emphasized first ,and then point out that the quality is not the same. You may doubt if they are same.This is still that the price we can't do the product.
Of course not same . According to the psychological perspective,if you are a customer and be refused directly,you will feel sad. Typing is not easier than interview, you can't take advantage of other side to appease the customers before their psychological movement has been launched. While typing it,this small “not happy “mood time brews and ferment longer.Customers will be eager to find faults, care more about the “impossible “you said before and ignore “how wonderful “you said behind. So first of all,be sure you can do it,and then say other things.

Third,analysis product
This is a professional and convinced skill,but you need have a strong ability. You have to know your own brand market share, sales details, how popular they are , and list a series data to your customers. In a case of B2B, the ultimate goal is to sell your product in the local market and benefit from the different price . Therefore, if you can use the analysis of market data to prove that your products occupy more market share than your counterparts’, it will give customers a reason to cooperate with you and order the odds of great.

I always advocate band marketing,this is to build your own reputation. The customers have no orders is nothing more than two reasons: interest and trust. When our prices have been done on the bottom line, your brand trust is very important without alteration. Unless we earnestly explain to the customer how good the products are and how great the quality is, we can directly show some photos ,other large customers orders or product evaluation. Finally,a salesman need learn to empathy ,think what customers want and worry about. When we introduce product to customers, we shouldn't only describe our advantages and should understand what our customers want to listen.

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