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Note > When the price can't be lower,you can use this method to impress your customer

When the price can't be lower,you can use this method to impress your customer

Time:2017-10-30 14:13:10

The price really can’t be lower,but the customer still want to keep price down unless they will choose another supplier. A lot of people feel confused when they face this situation.will a few month's effort lost just because of the price?Many people will say “Our quality is better “,but customers have heard to much of this and been immune of it. However,except that,what can we do to make our customers get back?

When the price can't be lower,you can use this method to impress your customer

I believe many people will ignore the risk apart from price and quality.

For example,Jackson has several customers .They are foreign outlets,order three or four times a year and each time just need a small cabinet.Even thus they will fly to China themselves to inspect.Why they did that!Afraid of the risk.

Another example is that,a customer cooperated with trading company before,and then transfer to me.At the beginning,a high cabinet will be divided into two parties for different companies to do.Why? The same reason.

I’m sure there are a lot of people doing business conservatively,especially those purchasers you face are the boss.They are more concerned about the risk. If customers don’t choose a right one,they may lose tens of years’ accumulation.

Why should we add a few points to buy CITIC insurance? Why many customers asked to take credit insurance? Why should we like to buy brand name things? Two pieces of products with similar quality,the price of brand one is twice time expensive than the other one,because we feel more assured to buy brand-name products.

So we can stand on clients' point of view to consider risk. Every decision or every purchasing of products or service contains risk. This is business. So when the price cannot be lower,we can reduce the risk of factors to let him place an order.

Firstly,make full use of the third party information recommendation:many customers asked you if you have local partners in order to be sure the risk. If there are many their local companies buy your products, it means there is almost no risk to buy your products. You can provide some of your local customer list or some project using your products. If you have a close connection with local friends,you can let customers to contact with him to get trust.

Secondly,send samples to customers and invite them to visit your factory. It is more persuasiveness to let customers to compare with the samples. Don't worry about the factory and the equipment,you can directly invite customers to have face-to-face negotiations. Why many large companies can use network channels to develop a lot of customers,but they still participate to attend exhibition? It is to let customers feel safe to buy.

Thirdly,three parties inspect factory ,all kinds of documents authentication information:many foreigners approve the authority of the factory inspection report like Factory inspection of WAL-MART,.a variety of certifications are 100 times effective than that you say how good our products are. Even that some customers do not take physical quality as evidence, and accord with the test data as the standard. Some of the SGS, FDA, and so on are also very useful.

Fourthly,establish a stable and deep relation with customers:for customers,it needs a term to know you and trust you.It's different for each customer.some of them will place an order when they see samples,some will order two months later. Even some will order 1 or 2 years later. Doing business must have patience. A lot of customers often chat with you,inquiry and ask proofing. they are all the test for you.As long as they are potential customers and have value,we should feel tedious.

Fifthly,to provide some security service. Such as probation period,refund guarantee,credit insurance payment walk. To let him know “no matter what happened ,you will be responsible for solving.

Sixthly, send customers some pictures of your shipment before. Some customers will send me some contacts they cooperate with other company before to let me cut down the price. I will also provide pictures or videos of my shipment before to show the truth.

Seventhly, send videos about your company,your products or your exhibitions. It will be better when the videos include you. Most of customers will not have chance to meet us.If there are a lot videos including you,it will easy for you to get customers’ trust.

Eighthly,whole network marketing.As a customer inquiry over,you will search customers information on the internet. The same to customers, they will also search your information on the internet.So the official website is necessary,even though it just cost 2000-3000 dollars to build a website,but customers don't know and ordinary people don't understand.

Now,do you know how to deal with the problem.Don’t just say our quality is better.

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