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Note > A being cheated international trade experience almost let me be sent to prison

A being cheated international trade experience almost let me be sent to prison

Time:2017-11-07 17:59:05

To tell the truth ,there are too many liars. I still remember the experience I was fooled by a liar that almost let me be sent to prison.

A being cheated international trade experience almost let me be sent to prison

At that time ,I talked for a long time with a foreigner. One day ,he said he need me to help him turn the money because he couldn’t transfer money in Bangladesh. Swindler really is liar.If you don’t understand anything ,he may not cheat you . But if you know a little , he will find the way you want to cheat you .He said :“We should open a letter of credit in Bangladesh ,but it is boring.However,it is possible to make money through personal account.I will place you orders and we will do about 30 million dollars goods next year.”

I don’t believe that. This time he began actively ,sent a email about his company and took photos of his passport to me .I asked him what’s the money is about.He told me :”garment clothes and some fabrics. Don’t worry ,my friend.I will also attach some photos, also my passport card and some other samples ,OK?”

Anyway ,I worried a lot. But before I express my opinion,he would help me explain.Finally,I believed him and asked if he can accept US dollars and how much swift is. I was very worried about i t.He said :” I have informed my customer, he will transfer anytime this week but before holiday. “

After a few days ,A receive a call from Yiwu. He checked the account number ,transferred ¥20000 and ask who the money is turned to . At the same time ,the liar called me and used his poor English to say “WhatsApp,Whatsapp...”.Then on whatsapp ,he said “After you receive the money ,turn them to me immediately,and don’t answer the phone anymore.” I wondered,why wasn’t the US dollars , a Chinese called and didn’t let me answer the phone.A few minutes later,the Chinese really called and let me return the money back.I was dizzy :”what’s happened”. I realized I was cheated. Which one was cheating me?

Then the liar said he had sent BL to customers.But the customers didn’t want to pay. “Are you on your way now? once done provide me the western union copy . as for the Yiwu man, do not even boder yourself, i must receive money before i surrender BL to him.we also talked on phone now, i angry with him.” He let me hurry up to transfer money to him. And said:”we have business with him ok. you not have business with him. so do not mind him ok? you understand?”

The Chinese called to say I owed the liar a lot of money.Ask me to return money back quickly.The liar treated to me “ untill you meet us , then you know whom you are fighting. The only thing you can do is to transfer money ,or we will use the whole source of our company to sent you into prison.”

At night, I discussed with my families and called the police.But the policemen said they couldn’t deal with it because this amount is too small. Next day ,Yiwu policeman called me and told me the liar wasn’t in Bangladesh,the IP was in Nigeria.It’s thrilling.I made the money back next day. I was almost a swindler. If I turned the money,I would take blame for crime,because there was no evidence to prove the liar existed.But the money was really came into my bank card.

In addition,how was the Yiwu man cheated?

The liar stole his old customer’s mailbox and whatsapp number,sent him a message.Then he posted to place an order ,said he had made a extra money ,sent memo to the Yiwu man and asked to return the money . Because regarding he was old customer,the Yiwu man relax the vigilance and put the extra money to me in RMB. The liar didn’t let Yiwu buddy make money to their acount,they let me become the middleman.Thus they did a money laundering and let the middleman blame for their crime.

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