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Note > Do you know you have lost a lot of customers before the exhibition ending

Do you know you have lost a lot of customers before the exhibition ending

Time:2017-11-14 10:14:29

Recently the temperature drops a little.Guangdong has cooled down from 32 degrees to 30 degrees. Even thus,everyone is still very busy. In exhibition,we always stand for a long time that our legs are numb and say too many words that our mouth is so dry. We feel tired but still need to insist on it in order to have a good sales performance.

Do you know you have lost a lot of customers before the exhibition ending

I believe such situation will appear in the exhibition over the years. You receive a lot of name card and also communicate well with a number of customers who are interested in these products.But when you send the quotation catalog to them after exhibition,there is still no reply. No matter what you do,it's still useless.Does it mean your hard work on exhibition is futile?

Do you hear the proverb,strike while the iron is hot? The customers you communicating well on exhibition is same to it . If you don't work with them when they are still excited ,it will be difficult to cooperate with them when they cool down.

If you think the guests need to rest over a period of time to think and you have advantages. It’s absolutely wrong. But when is the best time to contact customers? It is the same day you contact customers.Why?

The first reason is that person's memory is limited.Customers go so much booth one day,will they remember you?The customers may have talked and placed an order with others before you contact.

The second reason is to deep the impression to customers. Customers always walk ,see and take photos in the exhibition.Then they will compare and choose those products they really love after going back to hotel. If we can contact them at this time,it will awake their memories and deepen the impression. They will understand your company and you more profoundly.

The third reason is identification.It will let customers have a better sense about our service and identify us.

The last reason is customers like active cooperation partners.It is always fresh at the beginning.The one customers impressed most is the first person who contact with them.Because it reflects the importance of customers.

Most people don’t work the same day in the exhibition. They think I am too tired today ,should go sleep,and will also be tired tomorrow. But we must remember that we have purposes to attend the exhibition. We hope customers place orders and they hope to find professional sellers. Faster and more efficient to let customers get the information they want means professional. Many customers are not to buy a stroll,eat and play,but dedicated to purchase. They are still in working state until they go back. Don't miss the chance to let customers to remember you and contact them the same day you go back hotel.

Today is tired,tomorrow is also tired. But if you don’t do that today,you will be more tired even after exhibition.

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