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How make so many potential customers into real customers?

Time:2017-11-27 13:11:50

It is easy to find potential customers,but our performance is still not good.Because we can't turn them into real customers very well.However, how to do it well?

How make so many potential customers into real customers?

First,find the customers pain point
Catching customer pain points is the basis for every salesmen,but it is not easy to do. Sometimes,even you know customers' points,but you can't meet their minds.
Generally speaking,we should analysis the highlight of our products,catch customers' attention,and find fitness to customer pain point.We should let customers feel we are considering for them. As for how to find the customers pain point,you should find the areas of customers,find the keywords they often search,and understand their needs.

Second,try to meet customers' reasonable requirements of customers
When customers need to know some sensitive questions,we should meet their minds as far as possible.For example,when customers ask some relevant internal quotation information,you should disclose some selective and targeted information to customers ,try to make them feel we don't conceal them anything and let them trust us.

Third,leave room for negotiation
whether it is product introduction or price negotiation to customers,we should need to have a prepare room.Don’t say thing directly that you can't do anything about price.It is easy to let customers generate resentment. When customers are not satisfied with your condition or argue your words,you can change another identify to save the market and avoid a one-time collapse.

Fourth,confidence to show credit
showing confidence is skillful. You must show your credit in work,or no one know your credits.The same to cooperate with customers,if they don't know what you have down for them or you can't show you care about them,how will they cooperate with you.

Fifth,update products to let customers be at ease
Customers don't like the products without updating.They think the company or products without innovation sluggish down easily in the market and will not get clients’ favor. So if you want to have stable customers,you should update your products continuously and create what they are satisfied.

Sixth,holiday greeting
Don't feel it vulgar. The customer is god.So you should concern them as soon as possible.Greetings will make your position in customers' mind improve a lot. Thus details can make customers feel we are concerned about them. Sincerely for the sake of customers to win their trust.

Last,do professional following up plans
If you haven't settled customers one time and they don’t refuse you resolutely,it proves there is a chance.Don’ t be discouraged,do a professional following up plan,find out the problem existing in the communication or cooperation plan,you will have a chance to restore the hard-earned customers.

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