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Never take over others' customers

Time:2017-11-27 13:11:33

My friends A told me that he had a customer who belonged to his resigned colleague B before. Last time,when B quoted,the customer felt the price was too low so that he sent samples to B to confirm the quality. But in order to win the customer,B promised our low-price product was same to the sample.In fact,the quality was worse a lot than the sample. But now my friend took over the customer after B resigned. He couldn't provide the same product at thus low price,or they would loss RMB300,000.Besides, the part of loss would be deducted from the sales commission.The customer couldn't accept the price raising.The customer couldn't accept the price raising.He is one of the big customers who had cooperated with my friend’s company more than 10 years,he placed RMB 6 million to 7million orders each year and the company can't give him up. How could A do?

Never take over others' customers

Never take over others’ customer, This is a rule i emphasize many times. Because even though you do well in it,the company will think the custom is not developed by you,and may not provide the commitment or provide you a little commitment.But if you can't deal with it well, the company will think you destroy the order.So whatever you do,it is disadvantage for you.You spent time, paid attention to them,treat them like your own customer ,but why the result have such a big difference. You may complain that you don't want to take over them ,but your boss asks you do that.At this situation,you just do one thing:”to be as a megaphone”. What the customer says,you convey them to your boss and asked your boss how to deal with it? And what the boss said,you convey them to the customers and tell them this is the opinion of our boss and company. What you must pay attention to here is that you can’t add any ideas,and can not give any advice.You don't need to do any program,just make a sound tube.Thus you are invincible, have a lot of time to develop your own customers and don't need to be headache for others' clients.

If the boss says you handle it or lets you think of a way,you have to use your high emotional intelligence to solve this situation.You can say you don't know the ins and outs of the past and don't know anything about the customers,so you need to listen to the company's opinion.You can also praise your boss and let him feel comfortable.You can say the problem of such a big customer certainly need the company's most capable person to deal with.My level is limited,and can't reply customer simply.

Do you understand it?Take a good look at it,which is considered the wisdom of the workplace.

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