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The skill to find customers on Facebook

Time:2017-12-01 13:26:53

Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms,which are affecting the way we live for generations. Nowadays,people don't only use Facebook to socialize,but also to find customers.

The skill to find customers on Facebook

I will introduce some simple skills to find customers though Facebook.The easiest way to find customers on Facebook is to use the search bar that comes with Facebook to do keyword search.

First,use the industry keywords to search.
Since Facebook is a social platform, there are many customers publishing product information related to their own work and some technological articles related to their products on their own Facebook,or writing product name or keywords in their own personal introduction or remarks. For example,you can input electronic cigarette filters or vapor in Facebook search bar.Then the result will pop up a lot of personal pages or articles containing these keywords. We can find some potential customers through the selection and screening.

Second,use “keywords +countries” to search.
Of course,if the search range of keywords is too large,we can try to use “keywords+countries” to search,so we can greatly reduce the search range.We can search “vapor USA “ to find out related home pages and articles in the USA Facebook crowed.As for the scope is reduced,your screening content is also reduced a lot.It is easier for you to find potential customers.

Third,use “keywords + continent” to search.
In many cases,there is a large demand for some commodities in a certain area.Such as,Europeans have a larger demand for wine.If you are the manufacturer of wine peripheral products,you can use “keywords +continent” to improve your search efficiency.For example,searching “wine Europe” ,there will be relevant European customers’ home pages of wine.This time,it will be more targeted for you to sell your wine openers,wine cups,wine containers and so on.

Fourth,use “keywords +regions” to search.
If you still want to reduce the search range,you can try to use “keywords +regions “to search.Because some products are the regional ones,such as the United States of Hawaii is with beaches and high temperatures all around the year ,so the demand for sunglasses is relatively large.If you do e-cigarette business,you can search “vapor Hardford” that will have an unexpected result.Because, Hardford people have the habit of smoking,and the demand of cigarette is also large,you can search a lot of information about Dealers and manufacturers.

The above is the easiest way to find customers on Facebook. In fact,there are many others ways to use Facebook developing customers.There just provides the simple way using Facebook search bar,and I hope it can help you.

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