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Note > Why you had revised the development letters thousands of times,it is still useless

Why you had revised the development letters thousands of times,it is still useless

Time:2017-12-11 10:26:46

We have talked about the problems of development letters again and again.And salesmen also study it time after time.But the response rates is still low even if you have revised the development letters thousands of times. Today i will talk about the content of development letters that we should pay attention to.

Why you had revised the development letters thousands of times,it is still useless

First, introduce your product at the beginning of the letter.
If there are many people write letters like this one ”This is XXX from XXX Co.,Ltd. We specialized in XXX for 20 years”. when customers read your letters and find there is no value for them,they will never reply you. You passionately introduce a lot of your factories at the beginning,but customers feel what does it matter to them.Such as a salesman comes to your factory and spends a lot of time to introduce his factories.He tells you how is his factory?how big it is.But you are busy and have no time and interests to understand his company,you will let him go out immediately.

Second,you must tell customers what they should do clearly.
Many customers are really attracted by your letters. They open,read,and collect your letter,but they don’t reply you.As for no replying,you feel disappointed, think your development letters are useless and revise your letters over and over again. You must tell customers what they will do after reading your letter.For example,if there is no reminding that others can add you in the article,they will just read and collect it when they feel it is good,but they won’t add you.So you must tell customers that they should reply you. Many development letters really contain that “ any interest feel free contact with me”.But it is still not good enough.One reason is it is too template that customers are used to them.The other one is that they can't find any value.
We can use the following sentences.
“Would you like to evaluate our sample now?”
“ease don't hesitate to send your inquires. “
“Please get back to us before Tuesday when you talked with your colleague. “

Third, express thing according to customers’ interests
If you want customers reply you,you must tell them the benefit of replying you.For example,tell them your price is attractive. If they reply you within several days,they can get free samples for reference and don’t miss the chance. In fact, it is not expensive for you to provide some free samples.You can send it with a slightly slower delivery like postal parcels,and the smaller one can actually be sent as an international registered letter.They are also cheap.You can calculate how much you cost each day about writing development letters.If you can receive a reply every several days and find a high potential customer,you will earn a lot of money.

Fourth,the typesetting should be beautiful and concise.
Your development letter should make your customers know its content the first glance they see it. The one whose typesetting are not good should pay more attention to it. You must beautify your typesetting in the edit box. Poor typesetting means it is difficult to be read.If your content is dense and can’t be understood by yourself,how can you let your customers know your meaning,especially for the customers who are not good at English.

Fifth,point out your advantages.
There are so many people who just write XXX product.If the customers have this products,they will not be interested in other suppliers’ promotion. You must point out your unique advantages. When your advantages are same to customers' supplier,they are not interest in your products.The same to your advantages is small.Only when your advantages is larger than their customers,they will show interests to your products.

More than this,our competitors will also contact our potential customers.For example,the first time you receive a meal order leaflets when you attend the exhibition,you will keep it and think you will order meal.Then there comes several ones,you must select the one whose pictures are beautiful.

Sixth,write your signature and remark.
The function of signature is not only to let customers know your contact details,but also show your real name. If the inquiry you received contains Tel,Fax,etc,you will feel this customer is professional. Even though we don’t use fax any more ,why does we still write it in signature? It is to gain trust .

Nowadays,we can write down our social media account,such as website,Whatsapp,WeChat,etc to let customers easier to contact us.

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