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A summary of the way to find customers

Time:2017-12-29 15:49:15

One of the most difficult thing for international trade people is to find customers. Today,i will introduce several methods of finding customers i know.

First,look for customers via search engines.
The best one is google search engine. It's website address : The google advanced search website address is “” that can help you narrow down your exact search range by setting / excluding some words. In addition we can also use Microsoft's Bing search engine: and Yahoo's search engine:
For search engines, the commonly used search methods and keywords are as follows:
intext: "Industry or Product" + "distributor"-B2B -Marketplace -leads -cn
intext: "Industry or product" + "dealer" -B2B-Marketplace-leads -cn
intext: "Industry or Product" + "wholesaler" -B2B-Marketplace-leads -cn
intext: "Industry or Product" + "trader"-B2B -Marketplace -leads -cn
intext: "Industry or product" + "importer"-B2B -Marketplace -leads -cn

Next let me explain the meaning of the instruction above.”intext:keyword”:It means the body of the search results will contain the key words.For example,we search “intex:book”and then all pages that appear include book. The “+”sign in the Google command is the meaning of containing both of them. Such as searching “table +dealer”,the result that appear contains the content related to both of them and it helps us greatly filter out irrelevant search results. The minus sign “-”in Google directive is the meaning of exclusion.For example: “-B2B” means to exclude the data on the B2B platform, “-cn “means to exclude Chinese data.

Second,find customers on SNS platforms.
SNS means Social Network Services,and it is also called social platform.The followings are the 6 commonly used social platforms:
Linked in:

Third,search clients on B2B platforms.
Here are 7 well-used B2B platform for reference:,,

We can publish business information through the B2B platform, use precise keywords to optimize ranking, and search target customers by product / region.The first thing we should pay attention to is understand where our target market is.Different target markets and different countries apply different B2B platform. Then analysis which B2B platform our product is more suitable for publishing.The search engine can help us simply understand which platform is suitable to publish our products.The novice who do the curtains may use the words “which platform is suitable do curtains business “ to serach on baidu when they listen my proposal.But the words are wrong.the right one is a general direction of textile fabrics,such as foreign B2B platform, the textile industry / B2B foreign platform.If you do tissue wrapping machine business, you can search in the direction of machinery and tissue paper; if you do keychain business, you can search the direction of the gift.We can not be limited by our own products, but we should think according to the industries in which the products are located.

Forth,view the yellow page website of each country to find customers.
The following websites can be opened fast and their data is complete.
Europe Yellow Pages Network:
British Yellow Pages Network:
Canadian Yellow Pages Network:
West Africa Yellow Pages Network:
South Africa Yellow Pages Network:
Middle East Yellow Pages Network:
India Yellow Pages Network:
South America Yellow Pages Network:

Fifth,use search engine image gallery to find customers.
For example,we enter the “furniture + America“. there pop-ups a lot of related images.We can select the type of image for your product, click to visit the website,and go directly to the source website. Then analysis their related background.

Sixth,look for customers via customs data
Great Export Importer:
India Import and Export Data:

Seven,mining customers on Skype.
The information you add customers can be like this :
“Hello, leading supplier of + products in China”,
“Hi, we're the direct source of + products”,
“Hello, your name from direct”,
“factory of + products”.

There are so many ways for international traders to find customers'. Finding a good buyer may be luck, but finding a few good clients is not necessarily lucky. In addition to a solid knowledge of international trade, knowing how to make the keywords more accurate, having high understanding degree of the product, knowing how to analyze the customer, knowing how to communicate freely and negotiating the letter / phone are all the essential skills for you to win the customers.

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