The necessary sales skills about follow-up email

Release time: 2018-01-04 10:12:32

As long as doing business,we must know how to follow the pace of the times. We can't survive in the fierce competition if we don't know how to do marketing. For international trade,companies should pay more attention to your network marketing.After interviews or telephone with customers, we still need diligent follow-up,or losing a single may occur in any one session.Now let me introduce 9 keys to email follow-up.

The necessary sales skills about follow-up email

First,write an eye-catching title.
How can the title attract people?The title should be simple and clear,followed by the main message.For example,”How to raise 15% profit with new Ipad case “ is better than “How do you feel about our price”. If we can't attract people’s eye,how can we let them open our email?”

Second,personalize your email.
If you value a particular customer, do not following up the email as normal way. Provide personalized content such as important discounts, stock availability information, up-to-date product design information, and customer support information can be enhanced at least 10% conversion, or 15% clickthrough rate.

Third, state why we want to send such a follow-up email to the customer in mail.
Perhaps you just opened a meeting,mentioned the product design and it meet the customer's taste, so be honest to recommend it to customers.

Fourth ,increase customer-friendly factors in email.
Emphasize that our mail is free.
Adding a link in the mail to let the customer choose whether to receive our mail again can greatly enhance the user's feeling and increase the chance of the user replying to the mail.

Fifth, do not reminder in email.
When customers are interested in the products we deliver via e-mail, sales do not have to rush for reminders even though we're in a hurry. When customers are still in collecting and comparing the information phase, try to give him a satisfactory discount, then accessing to orders will be a matter of course.

Sixth,stand in the customer's point of view.
The emphasis here is on a wording question. Marketers shouldn't use the word “our”to overlook users and take it for granted that these products are useful to him. The correct approach is to write in the customer's tone, such as "How can I help you get top quality human hair."

Seventh , e-mail content should be concise.
Foreign customers are very valuable time, they are not willing to spend time on an advertising e-mail. Therefore, when the email title is enough to cause the user's interest in reading, the content of the email should be clearly described and the key point can be taken in a few words .

Eighth,pay attention to word spelling and grammar, do not have any mistakes.
This low-level error will make the customer feel the foreign trade enterprises are too unprofessional that it is difficult to obtain orders.

Last, please set a professional signature for the convenience of customers to contact us at any time.
Signature can be set up jobs, company website, phone, Linkedin and other information.
let customers act, leave a contact or let customers contact you.

Finally, let customers act, leaving a contact let customers contact you.
In a word, If you want to get orders and increase conversion rates,You should consider everything from the user experience. In the mail follow-up process, the odds of success will be greater if customers allowed it in advance.