Six simple steps to follow up customers perfectly

Release time: 2018-01-17 11:02:03

Now the international trade companies are innumerable,the good service can help you win the customers.In addition,there is also a simple way to enhance your competitiveness. It is to follow up your customers perfectly. The way to follow up customer is not same for different industries and there is no standard. It can be a product solution to meet customers’ needs,product inquiry or any other way to communicate. The following is an efficient model which just needs 6 steps to perfectly follow up customers.

Six simple steps to follow up customers perfectly

The first step,understand customers’ needs and benefits
When you delivery samples,if the making time is long but customers don’t know how much time does it take and the sample can’t be delivered on time ,customers will feel the salesman is lazy.Besides, the delivery may also be delayed by the delivery company.So the core benefit for customer is to receive samples on time. If you can solve the benefit point, this is a valuable customer following up. Actually,customer following up is not just to deal with the problem happened,you can also avoid some risks for customers.Thus customers will begin to accept us.Generally the challenge is also coming. Challenge is not terrible,but the terrible thing is that you can only look at others to accept the challenge.

The second step,for customers’ feedback,we should sincerely accept and continuously improve our service.
Sometimes customers may send you feedback emails about products and services that they may find typos on your website,complain product quality is not good enough,some details need to be improved,or more professional service is needed.Upon receipt of such feedback from customers,you should solve it immediately because it involves the interests of the company.If you have enhanced and improved the service as customers requests,you should let them know each of your improvement via email. This is a valuable feedback that is good for you getting the customers approval and helps you to be competitive.In this way, you have not only improved your relationship with customers ,but also enhance their loyalty.

The third step, to establish a sincere relationship with customers.
If you find a customer's website and understand their company is running the products you sell,you need to tell them your product has advantages that they can't miss and suggest them to apply samples to have a try. You can interact with the customer through your knowledge of the product,communicate with him as an expert in this industry,and let him feel comfortable,he will feel relaxed and will accept your suggestions to make money and the solution to solve the problem. It will help you establish the sincere relationship with customer.

The forth step,change your team to customer's team.
Perhaps your team can't solve all the problem for your clients,such as friends team,because solving this problem may involve engineers,sales,developers,the boss and so on.According to this reason,we need the following 2 steps to follow up the model.First of all,before submitting customer response question to relevant colleagues,let them know you are submitting their questions to a team of professionals who handle the issue,what they can do for their customers and what other assistance their customer need.This things shows that your company is really concerned about every tiny request of customer to ensure that the right people are assigned to help clients with the problem.Then,after the problem is solved,show the client that you did not shirk responsibility,but used a reasonable way to solve the problem.It will make customers feel your company specially arranged a team to solve the problem for them and they will have a good feeling. This approach is better than the wrangling which is a waste of time to find a reason for the model. In short,change the company's team to customers' and solve problem from customers point of view.

The fifth step,to provide customers long-term solutions.
If the customer consider a problem can be solved within 2 days,but you need 7 days to finish it,it will make customers disappointed.Even though your company is struggling with customers' issue,they may not feel it because of communication problems,and they will think your are ignoring his requests.How to do this time?On the first day,send a short followed up email to them,report on the progress of the issue and let them know more about the time and required to solve the problem.Then send a follow-up message to the customer in the second or third day ,indicating that you have not forgotten him ,and let him feel he is paid attention to and valuable. This is an opportunity to increase your relationship with customers by letting them know what you did,solving problem for them,and letting them feel that we were working hard for him.Unless there is a new significant progress on the issue,the above two steps are enough.

The sixth step,follow up by checking email
This method is to show you the concern of the customers,the method is very simple:notify customers with 1~2 sentences. This is a smart way to show them what’s your value to customers. For example,”Hey,I miss you. You gave me the address of your company last week,and I’d like to check again. Do you have any other questions or new ideas?” To sum up,this is why customer support is different from others. Hope this article can give you some helps in the follow-up of customers. If you can do that,you should form a habit to follow up customers as soon as possible.