When customers hold the price of other suppliers to bargain with you, how can you do?

Release time: 2018-01-29 13:59:40

Presumably, we will encounter such situation, the customers hold the price of other suppliers to bargain with you, and tell you another supplier provides a low price, what price you can provide, then they will not reply you, waiting for your surrender. This case is common, especially for the customers who come from India, Pakistan, and Dubai want you to be bluffed for the first time, and then let you provide the same competitiveness price or the lower price.

When customers hold the price of other suppliers to bargain with you, how can you do?

The case we often encounter like this, he got your price and will take your price to bargain with other suppliers.Because they are familiar with the market, and the suppliers they provide are your main competitors, then your competitors and you cut down the price which makes the customers earn the benefits.
Foreign trade is such a highly competitive industry, there is not the lowest price, just a lower and lower one.For this reason, it is troublesome for most people to meet.How do we deal with this situation?

Would they place an order if you promise him a lower price?According to my tests on many of these customers, they won't.

This is what I often encounter when I am exhibiting, most of the customers will never come back after visiting and talking with us. But there is a small piece like this, they are found in the vicinity of our gallery visit.A small part of them asks me a price and samples. Then I give him a sample and a business card.One day after the second day he passed my stall, I'm glad to call him in our stall again. But he said that the other supplier gave a lower price and even show you the card noted the price.

Do not worry when he shows the price of other suppliers, even if we can do the same price. The best way is not to directly allow customers’ target price, but to take the compression of negotiating space. For example, if a customer throws a price of $ 5.7 / m and the general sales price is $ 6.5 / m, then the negotiation space can be compressed between $ 5.7 and $ 6.5. $ 5.7 is obviously a price that could be acceptable by clients at the time, so reply to him like this: ”As for the unit price, I took a long and arduous negotiation with our big boss after receiving your mail.The common price of this A rank quality is $ 6.5 / m, for a long-term business, Big boss and I ended up by meeting each other half-way to reduce the unit price to $ 6.2 / m.According to the price $ 5.7 / m, our machine also can produce this kind of products with the price less than $ 5.7 / m, but the quality is too poor, that quality rank is D, we do not want to take a risk, and also do not want our customer take this risk.

Of course, some customers will ask how much is the B or C grade? You can set a price range according to the level. When asked if he can do grade D, you can refuse, saying that the risk of this quality is too high, so you can’t produce. It will prevent him from thinking you are expensive and will not come back to talk to you. In addition, you can also talk about why the sales price is that with customers. You can talk to him about your product advantages, added value, and why the products value this price. You can start the topic through the aftermarket, quality, packaging, delivery, payment methods, and large client projects, etc.

Because most of the customers are not clear about the concept of cost, why did he come back? It is actually a way to bargain by holding your suppliers’ price to bargain with each other, the customers just want to explore the cost. Although they will be bargaining with you, in fact, they will remove the lowest and highest price, and select an affordable one from several suppliers in terms of quality, size and the companies which seem more reliable.There are indeed low-income people who specialize in bargains, the same to foreign trade. In such cases, we really do not have a solution. And such customers are generally not loyal and always pick the cheapest ones. However, most of the customers still prefer to pick up some affordable things, even the price may be higher.

Goods with cheaper price are actually easier to be sold, but the price with enough profits guarantees a long-term development. Most sales staffs and the company bosses are unlikely to set the lowest price, but the similar one in the industry.

The next thing may be harder for most people, we have to wait for the customer's reaction. Do not stare at him and urge him all the time, if you take the initiative to find him, he will certainly find you counter-offer. At this time, if you have a systematic method to know the level of your price, you can be very calm. If you do not know,it will be harder for you to wait two or three days. If the customer does not place an order with another supplier and talks to you again, it proves your products still have an advantage. At this time, do not talk about the price, but continue to talk about your strengths, avoiding to talk low-cost to customers.